Another Day, Another Kimono. How to style a summer dress into fall with a kimono.

Fall is finally here – according to the calendar (not the weatherman). Either way, we can’t go bopping around town in our summer staples anymore! It is time to introduce fall fashion into our wardrobes & What does fall fashion… Continue Reading

Friday Forecast: Real-Life Cinderella Shoes

Clear plastic and lucite shoes are popping up on the feet of every fashionista. This shoe trend is a little odd and probably VERY uncomfortable – but I’m into it. Maybe I didn’t play enough dress-up enough as a kid… Continue Reading

What I Ate Wednesday: Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House and Bocanova

The food scene in Oakland is awesome…from what I hear. I can’t think of the last time I ventured out there….period. A fully planned ‘foodie’ adventure across the bridge to Oakland was a welcome idea and probably the only way… Continue Reading