Nécessaire Review: Everything You Need to Know

San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe


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Nécessaire Review

We’re living in an era focused on self-care at home and using clean, sustainable products. So, it’s no wonder that body care is becoming a more important part of skincare routines. It’s also why Necessaire has become one of the hottest body care brands on the market.

Whether you’ve seen Necessaire’s products in your social media feed or they’re currently on your nightstand, you can’t help but be drawn to their luxurious yet minimalistic packaging. The idea of skin-care-level ingredients without alcohol, silicone, and fragrance-free options makes these products extremely desirable.

My thoughts on the products? My honest Nécessaire Review is that products are 100% worth the hype. The check all my boxes and my skin has never been better. Snag the essential set ASAP.

About The Brand

The line was founded in November 2018 by Into the Gloss co-founder, Nick Axelrod, and former Esteé Lauder executive, Randi Christiansen. The brand uses recycled boxes and paper for its packaging and mailers. They also only work with FSC-certified companies, which means Necessaire only works with companies that are eco-friendly and protect the forest.

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A flat lay of the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit

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San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe

Nécessaire Review, Senreve Belt Bag, Sunglasses, Katwalksf


The Big Spanx Bra Review Blog Post

The Big Spanx Bra Review Post

I know that bras aren’t big in 2020 now that we are all working from home, but we’ll be back to normal one day and when you are ready to wear a bra every day this post will be for you!

Beauty is in the eye of the boob-holder.

Shopping for bras can be tricky and every bra is not for everyone, but Spanx makes some fantastic bras. These bras are soft, comfortable, and made with some unbelievable technology.


Spanx Bra Review, Bra-Llelujah!® Full Coverage Bra, Spanx bra, Skims Robe, Gorjana Necklace, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign

Bra-llelujah! Full Coverage Bra | 36c | $68

This is my absolute favorite everyday bra and at the top of my Spanx bra review post for a reason! It’s the kind of bra you can wear all day, come home, put your sweats on and leave on…because it’s just that comfortable.

Now, I’ve been wearing a bra for about twenty years now and I still prefer a front clasp closure. Who’s with me? This bra has a front clasp closure and SPANX Smart Stretch Straps -> a fancy way of saying nonadjustable straps. I know nonadjustable straps sound like a nightmare to most, but TRUST ME when I say trust the technology. Everything about this bra works and it will leave you saying hallelujah for the Bra-llelujah! 

Bra-llelujah!® Unlined Bralette, Spanx Review, Spanx Bra Review, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign, Gorjana Necklace

Bra-llelujah! Unlined Bralette | Medium | $33.99

Slip into this bralette and never look back. This style that’s more bra than bralette has all the features you love. It’s comfy AF with just the right amount of support for lounging around the house and walking the dog. The concealed side sling gives the figure a more forward lift with no metal hardware or elastic.

SPANX Up For Anything Lightly Lined Strapless Bra, Spanx Bra Review, Spanx Strapless Bra, Four Seasons San Francisco, Four Seasons Embarcadero

Up For Anything Strapless Bra | 36c | $74

Strapless bras suck! true or false

I felt this way about pretty much every strapless bra I’ve ever owned until I got my hands on the Up For Anything Strapless Bra. She’s a splurge, but she’s worth every penny (and you can use my discount code: katxspanx).

This details on the Up For Anything Strapless Bra are unbelievable:

  • Spanx SmartGrip™ technology and With Me® tape provide a smooth grip around the body. Stays put ALL DAY!
  • The Spanx patent-pending elastic-free design = no digging in
  • Memory foam cups mold to your body for a natural shape and personalized fit
  • Removable, convertible straps offer ultimate outfit versatility (but does anyone ever use those straps?)

Undie-Tectable® Better Bandeau™, Spanx Bandeau, Spanx Strapless Bra, KatWalkSF, Bra Review

Undie-Tectable Better Bandeau | Medium | $48

This bra was designed to show off and I am here for it! I like to style it under anything that has a very low neckline like my Free People, Just Because Onesie. This is an excellent option for all my ladies who are looking for a simple wireless bra too! One of my favorite benefits of this bra is its ability to provide the right amount of support without the wire and it has the Spanx undetectable technology that supports and smooths like no other!

Undie-Tectable Better Bandeau Details:

  • Stay-put strapless layering with lightly-lined cups
  • Side support for the best shape and profile

Mesh Panel Medium Impact Sports Bra, Spanx Bra Review, Sports Bra, KatWallkSF, Sports Bra Review

Workout To Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra | medium | $58

I got this bra in the middle of my virtual half marathon training when I was in Lake Tahoe and initially thought that it would only be good for low-impact workouts and jumping in the lake for a post-workout swim.

Boy was I wrong! This bra was perfect for my daily runs and the fact that it doubles as a bikini top makes it a hard YES! Don’t worry about jumping in a pool with it on either, it is both chlorine and saltwater resistant. Snag the matching bikini bottoms too!

You’ve made it all the way to the end of my Spanx bra review post and I’m hoping that you are adding this sports bra to your cart. I’ve never heard of a sports bra/bikini top in one! Have you?

Workout To Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra Details:

  • Slips on overhead
  • Medium impact for A & B cups, low-impact for C & D cups
  • Wire-free and lightly lined for comfort and containment
  • Dig-free straps with stay-put adjusters
  • Built-in cradle offers a natural look with a lifted profile and added support
  • Back-smoothing construction
  • Chlorine- and saltwater-resistant

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Swim Triangle Top + Adjustable High-Rise Swim Brief

medium top | large bottoms

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Say No to Kybella and Yes to Lipo with Dr. Tanya Judge

No to Kybella, Dr Tanya Judge, Dr. Tanya Judge, San Francisco Plastic Surgery, Lipo, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign

DISCLAIMER: there are some graphic photos at the end of the post

say no to kybella

If you are a long-time reader over here you may remember that I had two kybella treatments with a different plastic surgeon down in Palo Alto over three years ago. The surgeon originally suggested that I get at least three to five treatments but after two extremely painful treatments with long painful recoveries, I put the brakes on the treatment and decided to walk away.

Flash forward to today and I am cruising around San Francisco with a weird fat pocket on my chin and a ton of scar tissue from the two kybella treatments in 2017. This has been something that has bothered me for YEARS and something that shows up in nearly every blog photo.

If you take away anything from this blog post please let it be that I HIGHLY suggest that you SAY NO TO KYBELLA.

my virtual consultation with Dr. Judge

I did not meet Dr. Judge in person until the day of my procedure.

We had a virtual consultation via zoom a couple of weeks before my appointment. I ended up taking the zoom call outside on my patio with natural light and no makeup to ensure that Dr. Judge got a real look at me and any problem areas I wanted to show her.

From the moment Dr. Judge jumped on the call I felt like I was chatting with an old girlfriend. She made me feel very comfortable and listened to all of my concerns and previous treatments over the years (botox, kybella, and filler).

I was most impressed with the way she went about explaining everything to me. Not only was she able to come up with a treatment plan I would have NEVER even thought of, but she was also able to educate me on each step of the plan.

At the end of the call, I felt well educated on the treatment plan, excited, and ready to go!

Based on what I shared with Dr. Judge during our virtual consultation I asked her to share how she came about my treatment plan:

Creating a treatment plan is definitely individualized for each patient.  For you, you described the areas of your concern: forehead wrinkles and expressed concern over the fullness of the area below your chin that had not responded well to Kybella after two rounds.  You also mentioned that you did not have a great experience with under eye fillers and desired correction of these areas.  Based on the failure of traditional injectable treatments for the fullness under your chin and the creases under your eye, I needed to create a plan that did NOT involve fillers or kybella.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.  So a more permanent solution to correct the failed kybella and under-eye hollows, I opted for liposuction and fat transfer.  This was logically the best way to give you the results you desired with predictability.

how to prepare for the surgery

My surgery wasn’t until the late afternoon so I had plenty of time to take a shower and to remove all make-up, and jewelry. They told me to plan to wear something comfortable like sweatpants and flat shoes, so I wore sweatpants and flat shoes. I went straight to bed when I got home, so I wore clothes that I could comfortably sleep in and my favorite super-soft Spanx bra.

Dr. Judge had me snag Vitamin C and oral Arnica tablets before the surgery.

Vitamin C is necessary to build and rebuild collagen throughout the body. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune response. I took 500mg twice-daily three days before my surgery. On the day after surgery, I began to take Vitamin C twice daily for the next two weeks.

Arnica is most commonly used for pain caused by osteoarthritis, sore throat, surgery, and other conditions. Arnica is also used for bleeding, bruising, swelling after surgery, and other conditions. I started the Arnica a week before surgery and will continue it a week after my surgery.

Dr. Judge also recommends a low salt and high protein diet. The goal is to be healthy and immune boosted in a natural way.  Balancing your body before and after surgery is the best way to expedite your recovery.

my exact treatment

I asked Dr. Judge to describe my exact treatment ->

We did botox to your forehead and glabella which softens the use of the muscles of the area and as a byproduct, the skin overlying smoothens out.

We also did liposuction of the submentum (that’s the area under the chin that gives a double chin look) and then took that fat and placed it under your eyes to fill out the tear troughs (that’s the creases under the eyes).

Liposuction is a controlled method of fat removal that can guarantee your results.  I can feel and see all the fat that is being removed so you can know for sure that the results we expect are what we will achieve.

Fat cells don’t replicate, so whatever we get rid of is gone…you cannot get that big in that area again unless you go on an all cheesecake diet (if only).  Therefore liposuction is an ideal method of predictable fat removal.

Then, since we had that fat, we can inject it into those creases under your eyes to fill out the hollowing that gives us an aged appearance.  50-80% of the fat cells that we put in a new location will survive, and those that do…are there for life.  So now we have utilized your own natural tissues to correct a defect of age to keep you looking youthful.  And this treatment has the longevity you were hoping for.

my recovery

1.1.2020 update:

I am about a week out from my surgery and feeling really good. My surgery was last Monday at 4 pm and was home by 6:30 pm. I went straight to bed Monday night and woke up feeling good Tuesday morning. I have been managing pain with hydrocodone, ice, and arnica (topical and oral). The swelling around my chin is NOTHING compared to what I looked like after my kybella treatment. The area under my eyes has gone from purple to a light yellow/green color now and is honestly not too bad.

I am going to see Dr. Judge tomorrow morning and will continue to update this post as I continue my recovery.

Scroll down for all the photos from the surgery at the end of this post.

recovery essentials

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San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr Tanya Judge talking KatWalkSF through her liposuction procedure.

Dr. Judge prepping me for the surgery and explaining every step of the procedure to me.

San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr Tanya Judge preparing KatWalkSF for her liposuction procedure, no to kybella

Dr. Judge, KatWalkSF, Say no to kybella, Valium, Lipo, San Francisco Plastic Surgery

When the valium hit. I was awake for the entire in-office procedure.

Dr Judge, Liposuction, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, Kat Ensign, KatWalkSF

No to Kybella, Dr Judge, Liposuction, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, Kat Ensign, KatWalkSF

No to Kybella, Dr Judge, Liposuction, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, Kat Ensign, KatWalkSF

After Liposuction Surgery

After the surgery checking out my new chin for the first time…slightly frazzled but feeling good.

More before and after photos to come.

I have a video of the entire procedure, but I am still too afraid to watch it!

Before and after photos here


drop them in the comments and I will partner with Dr. Judge to answer them

book a consultation with Dr. Judge here

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An Honest Bala Bangles Review and The Best Workouts

Bala Bangles Review, Bala Bangle, KatWalkSF, Shark Tank, Bala, Bangle Bangles, At home fitness, San Francisco Blogger

Bala Bangles Review

have you ever purchased a product after watching an episode of Shark Tank?

I’ve come close several times, but the Bala Bangles were my first purchase thanks to Shark Tank. I snagged them in early March fresh into the quarantine when I was trying to navigate a workout strategy at home, now that my beloved Barry’s Bootcamp was closed and there was no sign of group fitness in my future.

My Bala Bangles arrived quickly and my at-home fitness game seriously leveled up.

15% off Bala Bangles with the code: BESTYOU


Bala Bangles Review, Bala Bangle, 1 lb Bala Bangles, Sweaty Betty Leggings, Nike Zoom

what are bala bangles?

Bala Bangles are one pound weights that can be used on the wrists or ankles to enhance bodyweight exercises.  Bala Bangles are the perfect complement to an at-home workout. Add comfortable resistance to your exercise routine with weighted bangles. Whether worn on your wrists or ankles, they enhance just about any workout – yoga, pilates, running, aerobics, or even just walking around the house!

my bala bangles review

I am a HUGE FAN of my Bala Bangles. I love them because they are just so easy and can turn an everyday activity into exercise.

I throw them on my ankles and wear them while I carry my laundry from my apartment to the laundry room on the other side of the building. In between loads, I can get in a full lower body workout (instead of mindlessly watching my clothes dry).

Want to get toned Jennifer Aniston arms? Wrap the Bala Bangles around your wrists every time you blow-dry your hair. THIS is a serious game-changer. I will NEVER blow dry my hair without them again.

Overall, I think Bala Bangles are a great way to add an extra challenge to a workout or to get more out of everyday activities. There’s a reason why they are sold out everywhere! They’re easy to work into your everyday life and even though they are only one pound -> they give you some serious results.

workout with the bala bangles ->

follow @isaacboots | he goes live every day at 11 am with a bala bangles workout

download (and pay) for the Melissa Wood Health app <- after the 7-day trial I was sold.  I love her workouts and I find her voice to be so soothing and relaxing. I take advantage of the guided meditations on the app too! | You can also avoid the $9.99 monthly fee by subscribing to her youtube channel for free

the bala team has a youtube channel too with five free workouts AND the workout page on their website is filled with a ton of free bala bangles workouts | keep an eye on their Instagram page for free Instagram Live workouts too.

bala bangles review, pride bala bangles, rainbow bala bangles, katwalksf

Pride Limited Edition Bala Bangles

bala bangles review

buy bala bangles at:

free people

urban outfitters



bala bangles review

Bala Bangles Review, KatWalkSF, Ankle Weights, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign

Bala Bangles Review, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign, Sweaty Betty, Allbirds, Dashers


bala bangles review