January Beauty Favorites and Lotion P50 Review

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January Beauty Favorites

1| Diptyque, Set of Candles

I always snag a set of Diptyque candles during the holidays and light them while I apply my skincare routine. I like to create spa vibes in my apartment (since we can’t go to the spa right now) and it really helps!

Diptyque’s mini candles are crafted in France and housed in glass vessels. Packaged in a neat presentation box, this set makes the perfect hostess gift.

*If you are looking for a VERY affordable home scent ->snag this SANTAL oil and put it in your diffuser! Thank me later 🙂

2| Biologique Recherche, Lotion P50

Allow me to introduce you to the stinky skincare line that has completely transformed my skin! It smells like shit, it is EXPENSIVE AF, and it works like a MF!

Lotion P50 Review

ALL the fancy beauty blogs told me that it erases dark spots, shrinks pores, and balances your complexion…so I logged into the Shop Rescue Spa website and ordered my first bottle of P50 about 6 months ago.

How Does it Work?

Industry experts and beauty enthusiasts alike have long been reaping the glow-boosting benefits of this chemical method of exfoliation! Compared to manual exfoliation (ie: scrubs), it is so much more gentle and effective as it is working from the inside to the outside of the skin, as opposed to just touching the surface.

6 Month Update

It still smells like shit and it has completely transformed my skin. I’m on my third bottle and I will use this product every morning and evening for the rest of my life. Brace yourself for stinky skincare for the rest of your life. My Lotion P50 Review is a 10/10. Once you buy it you will never look back!

3| Nécessaire, The Body Serum

The daily hyaluronic acid treatment for skin health that you NEVER knew you needed. This serum has completely transformed my dry winter skin. If you are looking for hydrated/glowy skin -> this is your product.

full Nécessaire brand review here

4| Donna Karan, Cashmere Mist

The HYPE is real! I am fully addicted to this deodorant. The anti-perspirant stick checks all the boxes for me and tt is ALWAYS sold out, but I found a few here.

More on my love for pricey beauty products here.

5| Saint Jane, The C-Drops Brightening Elixir

The C-Drops Brightening Elixir is a potent, clean brightening treatment for glowy skin. Formulated with 20% active glycerin-encapsulated Vitamin C, ensuring maximum penetration to the skin’s deepest layers to power your glow and even skin tone, while 500mg full-spectrum CBD calms and soothes.

Ferulic Acid boosts Vitamin C + CBD absorption, while Kakadu Plum, Lemon, and Lime exfoliate for bright, radiant skin.

6| Saint Jane, Lip Shine

Saint Jane’s Lip Shine is a silky gloss infused with 8 clean, antioxidant-rich ingredients. The high-shine formula glides on smooth with 50mg CBD and calming botanicals like Sunflower, Chamomile, and Aloe, delivering a wash of sheer, luminous color.

7| Herbivore, Emerald + CBD Glow Oil

Herbivore Botanicals Emerald + CBD Glow Oil is a soothing blend of 100mg Full-Spectrum Organic CBD, Hemp Seed Oil, and adaptogens to visibly calm the look of redness, protect against environmental stressors, and nourish skin with lasting hydration.

Tanning Drops

My ride or die tanning drops are on sale at QVC!

tanning drops

The Isle of Paradise drops give you COMPLETE control of your glow. Use as part of your existing regime, adding these magical multitasking drops to transform your moisturizer into a custom self-tanner. The more you drop, the more you glow!

(the vitamin C, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, and coconut oil in the drops are also great for your skin)

How I use it: Add 1 to 2 drops to your favorite moisturizer, mix together, and apply to the skin.

My favorite moisturizer is 50% off at Sephora (today only 1.25).

More drops = deeper tan!

Wash hands after application.


At $0.80 a set the Pixi DetoxifEYE masks are ALWAYS in my fridge <- NOT just in January

(buy these eye masks if you need to instantly de-puff before a zoom call)


the variety pack from Loops Beauty fulfilled all my dry skin needs!

The Best Puffer: The Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF standing in front of Eva's Bakery in Salt Lake City wearing a Uniqlo puffer.

The UNIQLO name comes from the words ‘unique’ and ‘clothing’ – simple and clever, just like their clothes, which are world-famous for being high-quality, innovative, functional, and affordable.

The flagship of these staples is undoubtedly the UNIQLO down jacket. Coming in a range of styles, from parkas to the now legendary super-lightweight option, these pieces are easily styled, functional, and downright affordable. It’s a modern-day icon that looks good on anyone. There are several reasons for the success of UNIQLO down beyond looks alone, though. One being the fact it’s lightweight and so easy to transport. Add that to the fact that they’re water-repellent and warm, and you’ve got a winter winner.

I was introduced to UNIQLO when they opened their flagship location in San Francisco on Powell Street in Union Square way back in 2012. I spent many years working on a retail floor and was blown away by their massive amount of perfectly merchandised and folded products.

Flash forward to a couple of years later in my blogging career and I was modeling the Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat in the window of the very same flagship store (where is that photo???)

I received this coat for a blog collaboration, but it has become a staple in my wardrobe. I showcase it year after year on the blog and on my stories, so I figured it deserved a dedicated blog post and lookbook by now!

Scroll down for the features and benefits of the coat as well as me styling the coat over the years.

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Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

on sale for under $60 today

xxs-xxl | five colors | hand wash cold

Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

Features & Benefits 

water-repellent coating keeps out light rain.

pocketable design can be stored in the carrying pouch -> carrying pouch attaches to the inside loop on the left

newly updated with a more compact, unlined design.

versatile matte finish

the seam is aligned with stitches behind the waist to maintain a streamlined silhouette.

shapely A-line cut

contoured round collar with a detachable hood.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF wears the Uniqlo Ultra Down black puffer coat in San Francisco.

Uniqlo Ultra Down, Sweaty Betty, Kat Ensign, KatWalkSF, San Francisco Blogger, Kathleen Ensign

Uniqlo Ultra Down, Uniqlo Puffer, Black Uniqlo Puffer, San Francisco Blogger, Leggings

more Uniqlo favorites here

2020 Top Sellers

KatWalkSF standing in front of Nobu Palo Alto wearing the best selling Lululemon belt bag.

the top-selling lululemon belt bag + spanx  leather-like joggers

2020 Top Sellers

1  | Lululemon, Everywhere Belt Bag | full blog post here

2  | Mango, Pocket Knit Cardigan [sold out] | full blog post with similar items here

3  | American Eagle, OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Crossover Leggings

4  | Spanx, Faux Leather Leggings

5  | Aerie, Track Jumpsuit [sold out]| love the new version here

6  | Our Place, Always Pan

7  | Free People, Kelly Washed Set | 40% off here

8  | SKIMS, Bandeau Bra | the best $28 strapless bra

9  | Spanx, Leather-Like Jogger

10 | Barefoot Dreams, In the Wild Throw Blanket | full blog post review here and there a ton of blankets at Nordstrom Rack


An Honest Bala Bangles Review and The Best Workouts

Bala Bangles Review, Bala Bangle, KatWalkSF, Shark Tank, Bala, Bangle Bangles, At home fitness, San Francisco Blogger

Bala Bangles Review

have you ever purchased a product after watching an episode of Shark Tank?

I’ve come close several times, but the Bala Bangles were my first purchase thanks to Shark Tank. I snagged them in early March fresh into the quarantine when I was trying to navigate a workout strategy at home, now that my beloved Barry’s Bootcamp was closed and there was no sign of group fitness in my future.

My Bala Bangles arrived quickly and my at-home fitness game seriously leveled up.


Bala Bangles Review, Bala Bangle, 1 lb Bala Bangles, Sweaty Betty Leggings, Nike Zoom

what are bala bangles?

Bala Bangles are one pound weights that can be used on the wrists or ankles to enhance bodyweight exercises.  Bala Bangles are the perfect complement to an at-home workout. Add comfortable resistance to your exercise routine with weighted bangles. Whether worn on your wrists or ankles, they enhance just about any workout – yoga, pilates, running, aerobics, or even just walking around the house!

my bala bangles review

I am a HUGE FAN of my Bala Bangles. I love them because they are just so easy and can turn an everyday activity into exercise.

I throw them on my ankles and wear them while I carry my laundry from my apartment to the laundry room on the other side of the building. In between loads, I can get in a full lower body workout (instead of mindlessly watching my clothes dry).

Want to get toned Jennifer Aniston arms? Wrap the Bala Bangles around your wrists every time you blow-dry your hair. THIS is a serious game-changer. I will NEVER blow dry my hair without them again.

Overall, I think Bala Bangles are a great way to add an extra challenge to a workout or to get more out of everyday activities. There’s a reason why they are sold out everywhere! They’re easy to work into your everyday life and even though they are only one pound -> they give you some serious results.

workout with the bala bangles ->

follow @isaacboots | he goes live every day at 11 am with a bala bangles workout

download (and pay) for the Melissa Wood Health app <- after the 7-day trial I was sold.  I love her workouts and I find her voice to be so soothing and relaxing. I take advantage of the guided meditations on the app too! | You can also avoid the $9.99 monthly fee by subscribing to her youtube channel for free

the bala team has a youtube channel too with five free workouts AND the workout page on their website is filled with a ton of free bala bangles workouts | keep an eye on their Instagram page for free Instagram Live workouts too.

bala bangles review, pride bala bangles, rainbow bala bangles, katwalksf

Pride Limited Edition Bala Bangles

bala bangles review

buy bala bangles at:

free people

urban outfitters



bala bangles review

Bala Bangles Review, KatWalkSF, Ankle Weights, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign

Bala Bangles Review, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign, Sweaty Betty, Allbirds, Dashers


bala bangles review

Nécessaire Review: Everything You Need to Know

San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe


Holiday Promotions

the BEST gift options | give these products to anyone and they will LOVE them

Nécessaire Review

We’re living in an era focused on self-care at home and using clean, sustainable products. So, it’s no wonder that body care is becoming a more important part of skincare routines. It’s also why Necessaire has become one of the hottest body care brands on the market.

Whether you’ve seen Necessaire’s products in your social media feed or they’re currently on your nightstand, you can’t help but be drawn to their luxurious yet minimalistic packaging. The idea of skin-care-level ingredients without alcohol, silicone, and fragrance-free options makes these products extremely desirable.

My thoughts on the products? My honest Nécessaire Review is that products are 100% worth the hype. The check all my boxes and my skin has never been better. Snag the essential set ASAP.

About The Brand

The line was founded in November 2018 by Into the Gloss co-founder, Nick Axelrod, and former Esteé Lauder executive, Randi Christiansen. The brand uses recycled boxes and paper for its packaging and mailers. They also only work with FSC-certified companies, which means Necessaire only works with companies that are eco-friendly and protect the forest.

find all of my favorite pricey beauty products here

A flat lay of the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit

Nécessaire Review, Nécessaire Body Kit, Nécessaire Lotion, Nécessaire Body Wash, Nécessaire Sandalwood, Dry Brush, Olaplex

San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe

Nécessaire Review, Senreve Belt Bag, Sunglasses, Katwalksf