The Moo Moo Movement

Why do moo moos have such a bad rap? I personally think they a perfect, but according to Urban Dictionary a Moo Moo is: A rectangular cloth with crude stitching worn by a morbidly obese persons. Well I say screw Urban Dictionary + anyone who thinks that this metallic plaid moo moo is anything but fabulous! 
I nearly died when I spotted this gem at the Treasure Island Flea Market this past weekend. The Fabulous Nobody vintage booth was filled with everything from vintage moo moos to roller skates to a taxi cab driver hat. I walked away with one moo moo + Ash walked away with two killer dresses. I highly recommend checking out her curated collection of vintage gems here on Etsy + rocking a moo moo ASAP!




What I Wore:

Moo Moo: Vintage via The Fabulous Nobody, Fur Vest: Zara (old) Shop new here + here, Shorts: American Eagle, Hi-Rise Festival Shortie Shoes: Aldo, Baita Bag: Clare V, Foldover Clutch Rings: Saint Laurent, Arty + Marrin Costello, MIDI




  1. Urban dictionary has led me astray before. I looked up ‘ratchet’ (yes, I had to do that) and it said ‘ghetto diva’ which I suppose is kind of right, but probably not what people mean when they say it. Regardless, moo moos are lovely and you look in this one! The fur vest over it makes it so chic.

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