…Baby One More Time


Where were you in 1998? I was in 6th grade sporting a mouth full of metal, a head-to-toe catholic school girl uniform + jamming to Britney Spear’s mega hit “…Baby One More Time.” I ask this question because where we took this first shot is reminiscent of the hallways where Ms. Spear’s danced + pranced to the mega hit.
Now let’s talk joggers. Are joggers the new skinny jeans? They are everywhere this season + popping up on everyone! I normally save the sweats for walking my dog, but these sassy quilted joggers from John Elliott + Co are simply irresistible + blog worthy in my book.





What I Wore:

Top: American Apparel, Leotard, Pants: Gap + GQ, John Elliott + Co Quilted Sweatpants, Shoes: Comme de Garcons, Canvas High-Top Sneakers, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Aviator Large Metal, Bag: Chanel via Poshmark, Watch: Karl Lagerfeld, Earrings: Marrin Costello, Cabrera Hoops



  1. OMG love this! Such a cool casual outfit! Love those sneakers!

    <3 Shannon

  2. Obsessed with these pictures!! 1998 was like the prime of my life. I miss being a little kid in grade school! I don’t have any joggers yet, but am on the hunt for some!

  3. Ok so in 1998, I was a junior in college, on the cusp of legal drinking age 😐 That is beside the point…I noticed the term ‘joggers’ used a lot lately but the dressed up sweat pant has been around for a couple of years no? At first I was turned off, but am re-thinking it. I think the styles I have seen and the ones you are wearing are definitely a little more upscale. Hmmm…Yes…I can get on that train and while I am at it, I need those sneaks you have on! xo-Elaine

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