Teach Me How To eBay: How I Scored My Vintage Chanel Belt Bag

30% off Reformation | I wear a medium in Reformation JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Raise your hand if at any point in your life you’ve wished for a Chanel bag? I’m… Continue Reading

Skirt Style in Venice with ICI MAINTENANT

Blogging has brought me all over the world this year, but short trips down to southern California are always my favorite. Despite the fact that I almost ALWAYS barely miss my flight to LA the short hour long flight brings me… Continue Reading

Off With The Hair With An Off The Shoulder Top

Yes, my hair has managed to get shorter and shorter this year. It is insane, but my poor hair is still suffering from the blue phase! However, lucky for me Nicole from Tailored Salon has decided to take my limp locks… Continue Reading

The Tourist

This past weekend I found myself acting + looking like a tourist. Maybe it was the ever present baseball hat that made me look + feel like a tourist, but hey the road back to blonde has some bumps and… Continue Reading