What I Ate: Restoration Hardware Yountville

Katwalksf at RH Yountville

Fashion and food blogger KatWalkSF holding the prime dip sandwich at Restoration Hardware Yountville

updated with my most recent visit to Restoration Hardware Yountville
7.8.2020 + 6.13.2021

Katwalkf and shrimp at RH Yountville

Restoration Hardware Yountville

Last week I hit the road with my girls from San Francisco to Yountville for the ultimate ladies who lunch adventure at the new Restoration Hardware Yountville.

On a Thursday morning it took us about an hour and a half to get there (after a quick stop at Rustic Bakery in the Marin Country Mart <- worth the stop). Yountville is about twenty minutes north of downtown Napa and my new favorite stop when exploring wine country. If you love wine and luxury then you will love Yountville.

RH Yountville features a standalone full-service restaurant and wine tasting room with parking in the middle of the two structures. You can snag food, wine, coffee, and shop the latest Restoration Hardware designs in one spot. Restoration Hardware Yountville is also right in the heart of town and just steps away from some of my favorite tasting rooms in Yountville.

I made a reservation for five for lunch about a week before we dined there without a problem. There was a bit of a wait when we got there giving us plenty of time to snap some photos. The lighting is AMAZING so charge your phone and be prepared to take a photo of pretty much everything. The entire space is an Instagram Restoration Hardware dream!

After about a twenty-minute wait we were seated and shortly greeted by our lovely server. Everything from the place settings to the champagne flutes had a Restoration Hardware special touch. The food was solid and priced accordingly for the neighborhood. I shared the burger and shrimp cocktail with a friend and it was perfect for an afternoon in wine country. The entire experience was opulent + excellent and I will 100% be back.

Restoration Hardware Yountville

Fashion and food blogger Kat Ensign at RH Yountville with a burger

What I Ate: 

RH Burger – Sharp American Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Onions, Dijonnaise, Lettuce, and Tomato $22

Shrimp Cocktail – Lemon, Dijonnaise, and Cocktail Sauce $20

Restoration Hardware Yountville is open daily, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The restaurant serves brunch until about 3:30 p.m. and then transitions into dinner service.

Full Menu Here Reservations Here

Any trip to Napa always includes a trip to Yountville and RH…even during COVID-19. This visit to RH Yountville was VERY different from my initial visit. Reservations are a MUST for any experience at the venue and I highly recommend making a reservation ASAP. Masks must be worn anytime you are not seated at the table (industry-standard pretty much everywhere in the Bay Area) and it was strictly enforced.

Service was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I could have spent the entire afternoon just chatting with our waiter. He suggested the burrata after we ordered a bottle of bubbles, an excellent pairing with our prawns to start. From there, we went with the crispy artichokes and the shaved ribeye on charred garlic bread (a dip sandwich). I would 100% suggest making a reservation and copying our exact order!

shrimp cocktail and burrata for the table at Restoration Hardware Yountville

What I Ate

Shrimp Cocktail – Lemon, Dijonnaise, and Cocktail Sauce $25

Burrata – heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto, charred sourdough $23

Crispy Artichokes – potato, rosemary, aioli, lemon $19

Shaved Ribeye on Charred Garlic Bread – swiss cheese, cherry peppers, au jus $24

shaved ribeye on charred garlic bread at Restoration Hardware Yountville



  1. I love the amarican food concept & quantity. They ar so generous for the price. Lovely place & pictures

  2. It looks like a great place to hang out with friends and to eat out with them! I hope I’ll have a chance to visit that venue one day! 🙂

  3. Wow, look at the size of that shrimp! And your burger looks so delicious as well. It sounds like the Restoration Hardware is a great restaurant.

  4. Your outfit was so very cute! Looks like it was such a great place to have lunch.

  5. That burger!!??? Yes please. I did not even know you can eat in there! Is that a thing everywhere in Restoration Hardware?
    Looks like a great option for sure.

  6. It looks like an awesome girlfriends trip. The pictures are lovely. You look posh and classy, nice outfit.

  7. Wow, this trip sounds like a lot of fun. The food looks nice and the place as well. You look gorgeous girl.

  8. Looks like a great restaurant and delicious food. It will be awesome for having a lunch from a great restaurant like this.

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