This Crossbody Phone Case Changed My Life

I can’t even begin to count the minutes of my life I’ve wasted digging around my bag for my phone, firing up the Find My Phone app on a friend’s phone or simply searching high and low for my iPhone.

Hours? Days?

Well, my friends, those days are over! Let me introduce you to my favorite new accessory that has FINALLY put an end to my five-year streak of losing my iPhone at the Outside Lands music festival -> The Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case. This phone case is a life-changer. It’s a phone case, it’s a bag and it is the key to NOT losing your phone in ANY situation. From the airport to the grocery store to music festivals this phone case is always across my body and never missing!

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KatWalkSF wearing the DIFF Carson sunglasses.

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF holding the Bandolier Sarah Studded Leather iPhone Crossbody

KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign wearing the Gerry Slit Front Rib Knit Dress by WAYF.

my favorite dress is down to $15.98

Bandolier Sarah Studded Leather iPhone Crossbody

It’s $98! Tell me more…

This multifunctional crossbody phone case is chicer than any of my old plastic or silicone cases that break and fade in what seems like no time at all. It holds my phone tightly, and its removable crossbody strap lets me carry it around as I would a purse! My phone hangs safely at my side so I can easily reach down and swing it up to my face when I need to answer a text, make a call or take a selfie.

The crossbody strap is not only removable, but it’s adjustable too! No need to worry about height, as you can customize the length to fit just right. This is also very useful when I want to layer bags, so I can keep my phone up and above everything else.

This case leaves the camera lens of the phone exposed (thank god), so I don’t have to deal with taking it out of the case (and probably dropping it) every time I want to snap a photo…which is pretty often. No more “missing that perfect shot” because I can’t access my phone camera quickly enough! Even better? This stylish case will be in every mirror selfie I take (every time I exit my building).

Yes, it is on the pricey side but the quality is there and frankly, you earn back the time you would be spending searching for your phone! #TrustMe

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF holding the Bandolier Sarah Studded Leather iPhone Crossbody

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