The Monday Swap

The black and white check coay

My entire life I have managed to surround myself in fashion.  From work to play, I have spent nearly all my time + money on clothes thanks to the fact that it is far to easy to swap out my current look for a refresh . Yesterday was a prime example. I arrived to work in a sweatshirt (not shown) and by the afternoon the sweatshirt was swapped out for a plaid coat, a fur collar + clear sunnies.

While the sweatshirt was my first choice in the morning (hello it was Monday), my afternoon outfit was a major upgrade. This coat is a cross between your favorite flannel, a bathrobe + a coat, thus making it the perfect piece to wear on Monday. The lining is soft + cozy like your favorite sweatshirt and the silhouette is forgiving, also like your favorite sweatshirt. I decided to go all out and pair the plaid coat with a fur collar (for some extra flare + warmth) + clear sunnies to conceal my lack of make up!

Fur Collar

Plaid CoatWhat does your Monday style look like? Do you find your yourself making a mid-day swap like me?

Plaid Coat

What I Wore:

Jacket: Les Méchantes, The Brenda Coat

Collar: Les Méchantes, Black Shearling Collar

Tank: Gap, Essential Rib Tank

Jeans: Gap, 1969 Destroyed Always Skinny Jeans

Shoes: Vans, Perforated Leather Slip-On Sneaker

Sunglasses: Les Méchantes, The Clear Morgan

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  1. Oooo I love that coat! No, I don’t usually change my clothes midday but sometimes I wish I could! I usually change my look from day to evening before heading out for drinks or on a date!

  2. I’m such a swapper! Getting a package at the office, or home, or even making a purchase better than what I currently have on makes it easy to swap out wardrobe pieces! p.s. that coat is pretty much everything.

    xo Carlina

  3. Gorgeous coat, I am envious of your ability to make a wardrobe change mid-day. I am stuck with what I decide in the morning! Congratulations on the launch of Les Meschantes! I have been following your progress and seeing all the eye candy on your IG! xo-Elaine

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