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July 3, 2014 marked my last day at the Gap + the start of a new chapter in my life. I spent almost 12 years with the Gap and could not be more thankful for the people I worked with and the many life lessons I learned. However, after so many years with the same company I was ready for a fresh start and decided to take the ultimate plunge. I quit my job and decided to start a company.


Allow me to introduce you to Les Méchantes, A San Francisco Lifestyle Brand.

Les Mechantes

So I am sure you are wondering exactly what Les Méchantes is + how we choose the name. It is kind of a long story + it goes a little bit like this:

It’s late, or early, during Paris Fashion Week, and I was fully embracing the Parisian culture with Ash + DLo (my partners)…probably more than actual Parisians by ordering another bottle up to our hotel room. The night manager delivers it, who we recognize as a man of taste when he asks, “Is that Prada?” as he points to my handbag.
Our new knowledgable friend then has a seat as we question him about the best places to shop and his favorite designers, until he presents a pivotal moment in our lives by saying, “You ladies are les méchantes, naughty girls!”
We made him write the words down on hotel stationary, and declared it the moment our business began.
The ladies of Les Mechantes
Life post-Gap has been spent with these two ladies. Most days are spent in our ‘home office’ in the Marina.  I use the term home office lightly due to the fact that our office is located in DLo’s house + most work days are filled with fashion, dogs + wine. I am not sure who is more confused as to what is going on in our ‘home office’ the neighbors or the FedEx delivery man.
Now, let me tell you a little bit about what exactly we are doing! The three of us have spent the past couple months curating a collection of our favorite pieces. We have everything from apparel to accessories to home to pet. The collection consists of our own private label, LMxLes Méchantes and a mix of other merchandise we have sourced from other designers. We have taken the time to ensure that everything we sell comes from an ethical supply chain with a focus on local and domestically made goods.
Now, let me show you what you should buy some of my favorite pieces. The Gold Cane Scarf is one of my favorite pieces + is one of the first releases from the LMxLes Méchantes collection. Made of 100% unprocessed raw silk + Made in San Francisco this piece provides me with warmth, style + memories from one of my favorite bars on Haight.

 The Heather 3 Cape is THE perfect piece.


Another garmet from the LMxLes Mechantes collection, this cape is made of 100% wool + trimmed in silk. The moment I laid my eyes on these bad boys I knew this was going to be a closet staple. We have only had these capes in stock for a week or two and I have managed to wear it nearly everyday…sorry for the overload of pictures!

Les Mechantes

Les MechantesSo, let’s cheers to Les Méchantes!

And while you are at it drink an entire bottle of wine, open your laptop, go straight to + buy everything! And since you are my friend, I’ve got a 20% off discount just for you! Use the code: LM20 right this minute + you may find a special surprise from your favorite naughty girl in your box!


  1. You and your partners have used your life and work experiences to create Les Mechantes. Adding ethical considerations to your product choice is admirable. I salute Les Mechantes and cannot wait to wear my Veronica cape.
    Proud mom and friend

  2. Ahh so excited for you!! That’s a great story, and I love the name. I actually was browsing the site over the weekend, and was drooling over everything! You go, girl!

  3. First of all, huge huge huge congratulations to you all. This is SO exciting, I love the name, I love the products, this is going to be GREAT. How fun that you get to go in on a business with your friends, too?! Congrats, again!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. Super excited for you lady. I’m sure you are excited and nervous all the same time, but it’ll be great no matter what. 😉

    xo Carlina

  5. Congratulations Kat! Looking forward to having one of your pieces in my closet! Any chance of selling your line through Poshmark?

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