CRAZY (Goorin) Hat Lady

A weekend in wine country calls for good friends, good food + good hats! I recently had the pleasure of spending sometime with the Goorin Bros team at their North Beach shop in San Francisco. The Goorin Bros team took… Continue Reading

The Color Coral

According to my friend, photographer, Meagan coral is the choice color…no matter what. Easier to pull off than bright orange, a soft coral looks pretty with both tan or deep skin tones and fairer skin (so basically everyone). Coral is luscious for… Continue Reading

Sail Away in San Francisco Style

Who knew that San Francisco had so much style? (not Danielle Steel) I love to support the ever growing design + fashion industry in my hood and this look is almost 100% designed in San Francisco. From Banana Republic to… Continue Reading

A Day in Le Marais

Le marsis is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Paris. Spreading across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements on the right bank it is filled with shops, restaurants and several historic buildings. However, since my last visit to le marais, there… Continue Reading

Another Designer Collaboration: Peter Pilotto

Is it bad that I didn’t know who Peter Pilotto was pre-target collaboration? Well…After a little bit of research and an 8am Target run with my Mom last Sunday, I now know who Peter is and I am a fan! Did… Continue Reading