The Color Coral


According to my friend, photographer, Meagan coral is the choice color…no matter what. Easier to pull off than bright orange, a soft coral looks pretty with both tan or deep skin tones and fairer skin (so basically everyone).
Coral is luscious for warm weather and mixes perfectly with other mid-tone brights like turquoise (duh).





IMG_5578What I Wore:

Dress: Yoana Baraschi via Anthropologie, Embroidered Coral Dress
Hat: Goorin Bros. (c/o), Poolside
Shoes: SUTRO (c/o), Cyril


  1. Need that hat to be on my doorstep already! You look adorable as always (although I can’t lie you and a pitch fork I’m a bit scared). Now if only I could take Benji and Wally!

    xx Cara

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