Winter White

Is this the most practical trend in the world? Nope. But the layering of shades of winter white are far too appealing and cozy to avoid for fear of getting dirty. There are no rules with winter white (forget the… Continue Reading

Friday Forecast: Orchard Mile – Full Collections. One Destination.

Getting dressed up and shopping with friends. – Fun Shopping in bed while watching the housewives on Bravo! – More Fun While that might just be my opinion (but who doesn’t love the housewives + shopping), I want to introduce… Continue Reading

Live From SF!

We all know that I love a good party, but I adore a Posh Party! This week my favorite app, Poshmark hosted a live party from San Francisco.  Every night at 7 pm I jump into the app from the… Continue Reading

Call It What You Wanna Call It… I’m A Freakin’ Posh-A-Holic

“Call It What You Wanna Call It… I’m A Freakin’ Posh-A-Holic,” might as well be my theme song. Since joining the Poshmark app on 11.09.2011 I have turned into a full fledged Posh-A-Holic. If you don’t know what Poshmark is,… Continue Reading

Sonoma Sunrise with Billy Reid

I am a little embarrassed to share that I discovered Billy Reid on an episode of, ‘Its a Brad Brad World.’ On this episode Brad and his assistant Lindsay travel to Alabama and view Billy’s latest collection. Lindsay describes Billy’s… Continue Reading