Five Matching Dog Halloween Costumes

Matching Dog Halloween Costumes, Katwalksf and Benji, Crab Costume

If you’re a dog owner (like me), Halloween is probably one of your favorite holidays. I mean, is there anything cuter than dressing up your furry friend?

No, I think not.

And while it’s always fun to dress up with other people, nothing tops matching dog Halloween costumes. Besides, there’s a good chance that you already do everything together; celebrating the spooky holiday should be no different!

I rounded up five of my favorite matching dog Halloween costumes from Amazon and Chewy. All of these costumes are easy, affordable and guarantee to make you smile.

Five Matching Dog Halloween Costumes

1.  Lobsters

Don’t be shell-fish this year and let your furry friend join in on the Halloween fun. This costume was SO easy to put together and honestly the most comfortable costume I’ve ever worn. I threw my hair in a bun and paired the Amazon Lobster Costume with a pair of Spanx leggings and my favorite M. Gemi sneakers.

2. Tacos

Let’s just be honest here. We all love tacos and the guy modeling the human costume is hot. Put your man it and pray that he ends up looking like this guy.

3. Mermaids

The way the golden retriever is looking over her shoulder in her mermaid costume makes me want to run to the closest shelter and adopt a female dog just so I can make use of this stunning costume. Red wigs for everyone this year!

4. Pandas

There is no need to diet to get into either of these costumes. They look both comfy and cute AF!

5. Werewolves

I had to throw one scary option into this roundup. Full moon or not, your furry one can get a whole lot furrier this year wearing this fun (an affordable) costume.

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