Coravin Pivot Review Wine Preservation

This Wine Preservation System Changed My Drinking Habits

Coravin Pivot Review

Coravin Pivot Review

The Coravin Pivot is a $99 gadget

that helps you keep a bottle of wine fresh for four weeks!

easy gifts for the wine lover

wine chiller

my favorite wine glasses – only $6.95

love this wine bottle friendly bag and the champagne option is very cute too

wine w/o the hangover -> truly the BEST gift

four bottles of wine for $20.95

San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF pours wine with the Coravin Pivot in her San Francisco patio.

The Pivot is compatible with all bottles and types of wine – providing they’re still not sparkling.

It comes with two stoppers and one gas canister to start you off!

Coravin Pivot Review

Coravin has been on my radar for a year or two, but last year their award-winning products went from a want to a need as I started to dig into my solo wine collection at home and needed to make the wine last (since it is just me over here).

Coravin is a name you might not have heard before, but it’s a company that should be of interest to you if you drink wine…which is most of us over here! They have a wide range of wine preservation systems depending on your wants and needs.

The Coravin Pivot (that I snagged) is the new, cheaper way to keep a bottle of wine for a few weeks. It still uses a small Argon gas cylinder like their more expensive versions, but the Coravin Pivot is a more straightforward pourer –one that keeps the integrity of the bottle intact.

Essentially, you pull the cork and replace it with one of Coravin’s stoppers. Then, at any point, you can simply attach the $99 Coravin Pivot device and pour away – the inert gas keeps the pressure up within the bottle so there is no reaction of wine with air. You can pour 20 glasses using one capsule before you’ll need to change it.

Plus, the Pivot’s is equal to that of pouring directly from the bottle. Because you can buy extra stoppers (two are included) it’s ideal for those who want to drink a glass or two from different bottles but who understandably don’t want to waste the rest of the bottle!

Coravin Pivot Review

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