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The Face Yourself Challenge is back
and this year they’re giving you two options:

10 CLASSES | Earn an exclusive Barry’s beanie

20 CLASSES | Earn an exclusive Barry’s hoodie

For every finisher, Barry’s will donate to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which provides free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis, and GLSEN**, which works to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.

I signed up for 20 classes. Who’s with me? Sign up here.

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Barry’s Bootcamp FAQ

Do the instructors actually yell in your face? If so are you into it? Is that part of the appeal?

Hard no! Nobody is yelling in anybody’s face. It does NOT happen and it is not a part of the appeal.  The instructors are more like coaches. The red room is LOUD and they do provide earplugs if you need them, but nobody is yelling in your face!

Should I be scared?

Absolutely not! I was terrified the first time I went to Barry’s Bootcamp because let’s be REAL, it is very intimidating. But I walked out of my first class feeling like a badass and ready for more.

Is it worth the $$$?

YES! And the holiday sale is happening RIGHT NOW! This is the only time classes are EVER discounted. Time to stock up!

Barry’s or Soul?

I used to be Soul Cycle OBSESSED (more on that here) but today I can confidently say 100% Barry’s over Soul.

San Francisco Bloggers at Barry's Castro, Barry's Bootcamp FAQCan you explain the days of the week?

Monday Arms & Abs
Tuesday Full Body (Lower Focus)
Wednesday Chest, Back, and Abs
Thursday Abs & Ass
Friday Total Body
Saturday Full Body (Upper Focus)
Sunday Total Body

I’m not a runner – can I still do Barry’s?

Yes! I am not a runner either but have slowly learned to enjoy my time on the treadmill at Barry’s. If running is 100% not for you, you can also Double Floor and stay on the floor throughout the entire class.

Are the lift classes only at Castro?


The lift classes are entirely different from a standard Barry’s class. While things in the traditional Barry’s routine move at a fast pace, Lift is slow and methodical. However, it’s far from boring and not easy! Lift classes start with a five-minute warmup and are followed by a series of rounds, in nine- and five- minute intervals. There are only 16 people in the class, and everyone is encouraged to take heavier weights than they would in the normal Barry’s class. Dumbells, benches, and resistance bands are used. It’s similar to doing double floor.

Best instructor for your first time? (if you are in the Bay Area)

Katie Wang. Follow her on Instagram for a little behind the scenes action of all things Barry’s. She is one of the first instructors I ever took and she broke down the layout of the class in a way that made me feel comfortable and ready to go.

San Francisco blogger KatWalkSF at Barry's Bay Area, KatWalkSF, Barry's San FranciscoWhat do I wear?

You need to wear clothes that you can move in. I usually wear a sports bra, a fitted tank top, leggings, and shoes that I can run in. I would not wear anything baggy or too loose and be prepared to sweat!

When I first started going to Barry’s I was ALL about being fashion-forward and wore my APL sneakers to class. This was a VERY bad idea. I do not recommend running in these shoes. While I looked cute, my body was not pleased with me and I eventually needed some serious shoe help!

After talking to some serious runners I was directed to A Runner’s Mind. If you are in the Bay Area this shoe shop is an absolute must. When it comes to shoe fitting and gait analysis, this is your best option in the Bay Area. I have never seen anyone take so much one-on-one time, care, patience and attention to detail when it comes to fitting you in the correct running shoe.

After answering a series of questions and watching and recording me running the team at A Runner’s Mind sent me home with the New Balance 860v10. They may not be the most fashionable shoes but my stride has never been stronger and I feel 100% better.

Where can you buy the Oribe products they have in the bathrooms?

You can buy them here.

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