Aquis x Poosh Review – Do You Need the Leopard Turban?

Aquis x Poosh Review

If you follow me on Instagram you are very familiar with my turban talks -> me talking into the camera (usually about dating) wearing my Aquis turban towel. I was blessed with thick hair but not the patients necessary to give myself a proper blowout (even with the Dyson). I was introduced to the Aquis brand when they launched because they are a local bay area company and they sent over one of the first versions of their Aquis towels for me to try.

Aquis is a Bay Area startup committed to helping restore hair from the inside out with a clean and innovative approach to hair care. Based on the insight that less water + faster drying = healthier hair. Hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet and the turban helps cut hair drying time in half, thanks to Aquis’ proprietary wicking fabric, Aquitex. This ultra-absorbent fabric wicks water away at the point of contact, helping to reduce water damage and stretching and swelling of wet hair that raises hair cuticles, making hair vulnerable to frizz, split-ends, and potential breakage. Your hair feels stronger and smoother before you even begin to style.

Aquis x Poosh Review, Fashion and Beauty blogger KatWalkSF wears the RAPID DRY LEOPARD PRINT HAIR TURBAN, Aquis x Poosh Review

Aquis x Poosh Review

Back in August Kourtney Kardashian launched the Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Leopard Print Hair Turban and Aquis sent one over for me to try. At first glance, the biggest difference between the Poosh turban and the classic Aquis turban is the leopard print pattern. But after using the Poosh turban and doing a little bit of research I found that the outer layer of the turban is made of charmeuse verses the original turbans that are made of Aquis’ proprietary wicking fabric, Aquitex. If you wear the Poosh turban inside-out (charmeuse against your hair) while you sleep it can alleviate bed-head and is the next best thing to sleeping on silk! I for one do not enjoy sleeping on silk pillowcases so this was a big win for me.

Additional Benefits of the Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Leopard Print Hair Turban

  • Helps cut drying time by 50%
  • Hands-free
  • Friction-free
  • Helps reduce frizz and breakage
  • Helps hair color stay vibrant longer
  • Helps hair look shinier, smoother, and feel softer
  • Creates bounce, volume, and curl definition
  • Reduces the need for styling products
  • Reversible: worn charmeuse-side-in, your turban will protect hair from the frizz and bed-head effects that happen while you sleep.

Final verdict: 

For an additional $8 you get yourself a turban and a silk alternative to sleep on. Since I don’t love to sleep on a silk pillowcase this is a win for me. I also travel quite a bit and hate packing a silk pillowcase. The Poosh leopard print is quite attractive too. So my friends if you are in the market for a rapid dry hair turban I say spend the extra $8 and go for the Poosh version.

I am wearing the SKIMS cozy collection in this post. Full review of the SKIMS collection here.

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