A Few of My Favorites from Paris

Here are a few of my favorite things from Paris and a bit from Amsterdam too:

Monoprix: This was our go to for everything. Imagine a french, fancy Target and you’ve got Monoprix. They sell everything from pate to makeup to board games. This was also a great place to purchase fabulous gifts to bring home (who needs another plastic eiffel tower key chain). I’m not the only one who loves Monoprix, check out this post too.

 Harry’s Bar: This is the founding bar of the Bloody Mary and a favorite of Hemingway. I had (several) amazing drinks here and even better conversations with the locals that have been drinking here for years. I love myself a good Bloody Marys and watched in awe as the bartender seasoned the ice and meticulously swirled the glass around after adding each ingredient. If you love a good Blood Mary, don’t miss Harry’s…but be careful on the walk home, next thing you know you just bought a new missoni bag!

Merci: One of my favorite places to shop and eat in Paris. It also helped that it what just a quick walk from my apartment. This is the perfect store to explore on a rainy day and has one of the best cafes.

 Restaurant RED, Amsterdam: I spent a long weekend in Amsterdam and discovered one of the best restaurant concepts…ever. The menu is simple: steak, lobster or both. I went with both. Served with a salad and fries this way by far one of the best meals of the trip and left me coming home wishing I could find a RED in San Francisco.

Paris Fashion Week: Although we arrived a little late, we were still able to catch a few shows and enjoy the events closing night celebrations. The shows, the people watching and the parties made this the best time of the year to be in Paris and motivated me to make this trip happen again next year!

Maison Europeene de la Photographie: This museum was just a few blocks away from my apartment and one of the greatest. I could have spent days in the Alice Springs exhibition featuring portraits of Yves Saint Laurent and Andre Leon Talley.

My apartment: I shared a one bedroom apartment with Ashley for the past couple weeks, rented on one of the best websites airbnb.  It was in le marais, to me one of the best arrondissements of Paris. We had boutiques, bars, grocery store and of course Monoprix all with in blocks of our fourth floor walk up. Although not having an elevator and staying on the fourth floor proved to be a challenge with overweight luggage… it was a great way to justify the loaves and loaves of bread we consumed each day.

Until next year Paris, Au Revoir.

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