What I Ate: Barzotto


Barzotto, Valencia Street’s latest fast-casual pasta spot is open and kicking some serious butt.
The Barzotto space is gorgeous and oh-so Instagram-friendly.
And last weekend I had the opportunity to check out their brand new brunch menu and of course, a round of their housemade pasta.
Starting with…

#FromWhereIStand with the Barzotto Cocktail


This housemade cocktail is served in a signature bottle filled with bitter citrus, sweet vermouth, soda, salt and a red striped straw.

BarzottoBarzotto Cocktail

Barzotto Brunch



Baked Eggs


Baked with spicy tomato sauce and surrounded by squash, cauliflower, and peppers, this decadent dish has a bit of healthy touch…so have another mimosa!



Maple-glazed with chicken dripping potatoes. Not a dish you find on every brunch menu, but a dish I want on every brunch menu!



These extra long noodles (15 inches to be exact) are smothered in pecorino, parmesan + black pepper and left me wanting to lick the plate…and or order a second round. Sharing on Sundays is hard!


French Toast


Stuffed brioche with marscarpone + roasted strawberries.

Anything with marscarpone is good in my book, especially with a side of roasted strawberries and when it doesn’t count as dessert!



And last but not least a little gelato soft serve to finish off our brunch. The ‘Spumoni’  (on the right) featured cherry, chocolate + pistachio and blew my mind…again sharing on Sunday is hard!

I’ll be back to Barzotto and I suggest you do too. They are a walk-in only restaurant, so get in there and grab a seat!

Still hungry?

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