Waikiki Guide: What I Didn’t Hate in Waikiki

Waikiki Guide: What I Didn't Hate in Waikiki,The White Sands Hotel Waikiki Pool

Waikiki Guide: What I Didn’t Hate in Waikiki

Waikiki is easily my least favorite destination in Hawaii, yet I somehow found myself spending quite a bit of time there this year! Here is a list of what I didn’t hate and all the places that BAMBOOZLED me during my stay.


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White Sands Hotel – This is the hotel that has the bar with the swing! We spent one night there and it was 100% the most Instagrammable spot we stayed at… but it was still giving off 70s motel vibes. They gave this hotel a mini facelift for the gram, but the rooms left me wanting more. If you can snag a good deal on a room it’s worth staying there, just know that it is off the beach and in an old building.

The Modern Honolulu – This hotel reminded me of a Standard Hotel on the mainland. I loved this location (near the Harbor), but don’t expect any kind of customer service from this hotel. Check-out is at 10 am and there is ZERO wiggle room. I’ve been told NO so many times at a hotel!

Park Shore Waikiki – DO NOT STAY HERE. Don’t even click on the link. Nope, No! It’s right in the middle of the Waikiki CHAOS and

Katwalksf on the swing at the White Sands Hotel, Waikiki Guide: What I Didn't Hate in Waikiki


My favorite bite on Waikiki was from Musubi Cafe IYASUME (the Waikiki Monarch location). Order the eel spam musubi #trustme!


The Food Trucks are an EXCELLENT idea

Looking for a local bar AWAY from the chaos of Waikiki? Head straight to The Harbor Pub & Pizza. Truly our favorite find for the Waikiki guide.

I’ve never had a bad meal at The Pig and the Lady. We didn’t actually make it to the restaurant this trip – I ordered the Pho French Dip on UberEats and it was a 10/10.

I am PROUD to announce that we ate at Red Lobster in Hawaii. Why? Because I was sick of being BAMBOOZLED and it’s next to impossible to mess up a cheddar bay biscuit.

It’s going to cost you – but you can never go wrong with:



Katwalksf at Rainbow Drive-In Waikiki

Stay Away From…

Duke’s – I was BAMBOOZLED at their $21.50 breakfast buffet! Don’t do it!

Rainbow Drive-In – I just don’t get the hype! I LOVE Hawaiian plate lunch and this truly was not it!

LuLu’s – We hit their late-night happy hour right after we checked in to our hotel and boy-oh-boy did we get BAMBOOZLED! They refused to honor their happy hour prices and we spent 45 minutes negotiating our bill with the entire staff! No! No! No!

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