Vintage Casio Watches Hit Bloomingdales San Francisco

Casio Vintage Collection

Have I started my holiday shopping?


Do I spend half of the week working from the Bespoke office in theWestfield San Francisco Centre?


I literally work RIGHT next to Bloomingdale’s. So today is the day – I’m highly caffeinated and ready to hit the mall for all the tricky holiday shopping I decided to leave for the VERY last minute.

But before I get my booty out of bed I am taking a minute to throw it WAY back with the team from Casio and their vintage collection. They have created a series of timepieces that never go out of style + complement almost any outfit! They are the perfect gift for someone special (shit – anyone) on your holiday list that appreciates the combination of fashion + function in an affordable + timeless package. Vintage aficionados go for the classic retro watches – #TrustMe they are all over Instagram and Pinterest.

And the crew at Casio has been going strong since 1957, with their timepieces at the forefront of the digital revolution. Founded in Tokyo, Japanese brand Casio offers a collection of watches that spans both retro and contemporary styles. Known for their innovative features, such as calculator functions, Casio watches adopt a bold use of color to bring a modern edge to their collections of digital + analog watches.

Casio Vintage Collection

Casio Vintage Collection

How are you doing with your holiday shopping?

Will I see you in the food court today?

Casio Vintage Collection

Check out Casio’s full Vintage Collection at Bloomingdale’s Union Square + load up on their vintage timepieces this holiday season!

Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Casio.


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