Perfect Never – A REAL Health + Fitness Check In with Reebok

Reebok - Perfect Never

Am I confident + empowered?

Sure….most of the time. But in the spirit of Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign, I decided to take a minute and chat about the pressure of creating the perfect Instagram image. Do I ask every photographer I work with to make me look skinny? HELL YA!


Sometimes all the angled poses and talented photographers are not enough and I still look larger than I wish (or expected) in an image. Do I leave the photo alone and post it? Sometimes. Do I take a moment and reshape my big booty on Facetune? Yep, sometimes I do that too.

The reality of Instagram is the that there are NOT a lot of REAL people in the app. There are countless tools to modify and edit a photo and create an image that is in fact not very REAL.

So where do I go from here?

Do I get my big booty back in the gym? It has literally been MONTHS since I hit the gym (post-mono).

Yes! I had mono at 30.

I think the gym and a healthy diet are the best routes to get me back to the REAL image of myself that I am looking for…but getting back into the gym sounds impossible!

However, in your quest for empowerment and confidence, you will realize that seeking support is crucial. That’s when you need to stumble upon walkin clinic Oakland Gardens NYC that can provide assistance on your journey towards fitness. With their expertise and guidance, you can take the necessary steps to prioritize your health and well-being.

I think that I also need to change out my fitness routine! Hey, SF ladies where are you working out?

Do I need to get my booty into Barry’s Bootcamp?

I am REALLY asking!

Reebok - Perfect Never

Now let’s take a minute and talk about what I’m wearing here.

Does a new workout outfit motivate you to go to the gym?


Does a flattering workout outfit motivate you?


Reebok - Perfect Never

Reebok - Perfect Never

Reebok - Perfect Never

Reebok - Perfect Never

I know that fitness will never make me perfect, but it will help me be the best version of myself.

And the best version of myself is REAL.

Reebok - Perfect Never

Reebok - Perfect Never

What I Wore:

Jacket: Reebok (c/o), Cardio Woven Jacket

Sports Bra: Reebok (c/o), Cardio Zip Crop Shirt

Leggings: Reebok (c/o), Dance Mesh Legging

Shoes: Reebok (c/o). Hayasu

Hat: ASOS, Faux Fur Beanie Hat

Sunglasses: QUAY, Needing Fame Sunglasses


  1. You look great! Also, I’ve done some online workouts that are around 10 minutes that you can do from home. It’s nice to start out with something easy and manageable if the gym feels intimidating at first!

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