The Ultimate Apparel Splurge vs. Save Roundup

the ultimate

Splurge vs. Save


Varley Vine Sweatshirt and Bottega Veneta navigator sunglasses

square-frame aviator sunglasses

Splurge – Bottega Veneta Eyewear $402 Save Amazon $14.99

Ugg Classic Mini II, Ugg Mini, Ugg Review, Nobu Palo Alto

mini uggs

SplurgeUgg $140 | SaveAmazon $19

SELKIE puff dress

the puff sleeve dress

The bright and colorful puff sleeve dresses from Selkie have been all over social media this season, but at up to $500 a dress, they are a serious SPLURGE!

SplurgeSelkie $225-$499 | SaveAmazon $16.98 Amazon $99

VARLEY Vine Ottoman Half Zip Pullover

the half zip pullover

SplurgeVARLEY $158  | Save – start with the AMAZON option Target $25  ASOS $43 H&M $24.99

Aviator Nation Stripe Sweatpants

stripe sweatpants

SplurgeAviator Nation $156 | SaveAmazon $23.99 size up up

the coatigan

SplurgeMANGO $129.99 | SaveTarget $39.99

Splurge vs. Save, Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

the two-tone cardigan

SplurgeSTAUD $125  | Save – Amazon $40.99


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