The Best Lululemon Amazon Jogger Dupes

Lululemon Amazon Jogger Dupes, Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Fitted Joggers, San Francisco blogger KatWalkSF wears the Lululemon Amazon Jogger Dupes at the Fairmont Embarcadero.

Lululemon Amazon Jogger Dupes

As an owner of Lululemon align joggers, these are the CLOSEST thing you’ll ever get.

I almost can’t tell the difference between these and my lulu when I grab them. I usually wear an 8 in Lululemon and I got a medium in the dupes. Some of the reviews suggested sizing down and I don’t think that it was necessary.

Wash them on a gentle cycle, hang them to dry and you won’t have any issues with shrinking or pilling.

It took about three weeks for the lululemon amazon jogger dupes to arrive, but they were well worth the wait.

GET THESE, you won’t regret it!!

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