Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag Review

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Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag Review

I’m here to report that I’m an everyday athleisure offender. Find me in leggings and sneakers whether I’m going to the gym or not. I work from home or a cafe and finding the right bag to take me around town with all my gear has truly been a struggle…

Introducing the ultimate luxe kit bag from Sweaty Betty. This bag will take you from workouts to work meetings to weekends away. In durable quilted fabric, with inner pockets including separate pockets for a wet kit (safe spot for all your sweaty gear), trainers and valuables, the zip up fastening top straps with popper fastening ensure your valuables are extra secure. Can be worn on the shoulders or used as a carryall.

This bag has truly transformed my everyday athleisure look and helped me to say goodbye to the random reusable totes I’ve been bringing to the gym. All my gear is organized, protected and frankly, I look a hell of a lot more put together.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds her Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag with Ckanani

Luxe Kit Bag Details
  • Quilted woven fabric is durable and lightweight
  • Internal and external pockets for your water bottle, AirPods, keys and workout gear
  • A wet kit for all your sweaty gear
  • Yoga mat strap at the bottom
  • Roomy enough to fit a laptop (I use the bag for the gym and work)
  • Two sets of straps: can be worn on the shoulders or used as a carryall.
  • Dimensions: H 32cm x W 43cm x D 23cm

Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag

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  1. I’m reading this right after hopping off my peloton bike, which is definitely my favorite way to sweat.

  2. Loved this bag since I first saw you sporting it at Barry’s Bootcamp! Hope to have one ❤️

  3. This bag is adorable!! Favorite way to sweat is Barry’s!!! (Gotta love that red room)

  4. Yes please! Have been eyeing this bag since seeing you use it! Would love this for my overnight work trips!

  5. Love the look of this bag! Great for keeping smelly clothes out of work bag too

  6. Looks like such an awesome bag! I’ve been wanting to get some sweaty Betty stuff – their prints look so fun!

  7. Ahhhh!!! I Adore this bag!!! My peloton bike is my cardio jam and hit up bay club for Weights!

  8. Love, love, love this! Just starting to workout again and this would be major motivation to keep it going!

  9. Bag is so super cute!! Thanks for always keeping everyone stylin from workout to night out ??‍♀️✨

  10. Such a versatile bag! love that there’s a special spot for those post-Barrys and corepower extra sweaty clothes!

  11. Love the bag! I love CrossFit workouts and how strong they make me feel ?️‍♀️

  12. I love Sweaty Betty! Such a great brand with quality products. I’d LOVE to win this bag.

  13. Have yet to find a GOOD gym bag that will hold all my stuff but not make me a bag lady. Is this one THE BAG?? ?

  14. This would definitely be more stylish than the reusable Trader Joe’s bag I currently use as a gym bag!

  15. Definitely more stylish than the reusable Trader Joe’s bag I’m currently using as a gym bag!

  16. This gym bag is on Fleek!! I would love to carry this bag with me into Zumba class.

  17. Obsessed! Forever stuck in the wanna be cute but leaving the gym look, this bag would be perfect.

  18. This bag is ? just like your blog.
    So funny story: one of my clients is your cousin and showed me your IG because he said I reminded him of you, and we sound alike. I live in NYC but from CA so I don’t notice it, but people comment on the “accent” all the time ? so glad he did because I love your content & a good date recap

  19. I need it! Working out the next 30 days straight and this will come in handy!

  20. I love my Lululemon daypack but it’s just too small to really fit anything useful! This would be perfect for LIFE and managing to get to OTF in time for class!

  21. This bag looks awesome! Fav way to sweat is having a dance party with my kiddos!

  22. I love a good hike around the Bay Area – so many trails that end with a good workout complete and a great view!

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