Save Your Hands with Nécessaire Hand Cream

Katwalksf reviews the Nécessaire Hand Cream


Raise your hand if your hands have been painfully dry over these past few months!

(now put those dry hands down)

My recent trip to Mexico left me with the worst dry, cracked hands thanks to being covered in hand sanitizer anytime I entered a restaurant, store, museum…anywhere! Dry, cracked hands are a small sacrifice in order to stay safe and healthy in this COVID world, but that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t deserve some relief. That’s where Nécessaire hand cream enters the chat.

Pre-COVID, hand cream wasn’t really a part of my regular body care routine. If I had a tube lying around then, sure, why not moisturize my hands? But, typically, I’d just massage the remnants of my body lotion into them to get the job done.

The Nécessaire minimalist black-and-white aluminum tube is an upgrade for me aesthetically, and what’s inside of it is oh-so-good. The cream is formulated with a mix of peptides, squalane, omega fatty acids, and vitamins to provide instant relief from tightness and long-lasting hydration. The hand cream stays with me. I’m talking ID, credit card, my favorite hand sanitizer, and hand cream in my bag at ALL TIMES!

Nécessaire Hand Cream

The Nécessaire hand cream is thick, but the cream quickly dries down without any greasy residue, so I can go right back to scrolling on my phone or working on my laptop without leaving any greasy fingerprints behind (a major win).

Not to mention, like the brand’s body lotion, the Nécessaire hand cream is fragrance-free, which makes it ideal for anyone like me who has sensitive and/or eczema-prone skin that tends to get irritated by scents.

Nécessaire Hand Cream Review

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