Nécessaire Review: Everything You Need to Know

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San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe

 The Body Treatment Set

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The Body Treatment includes The Body Serum and The Body Lotion. The Body Serum – a Hyaluronic Acid treatment – hydrates, replenishes and plumps the deeper layer of skin. The Body Lotion – a multi-vitamin treatment – moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the outer layer of skin. Use formulas as a treatment ritual by using The Body Serum first, then follow with The Body Lotion. The Body Serum and The Body Lotion are Fragrance-Free.

I’m a big fan of this set because my skin gets EXTREMELY dry during the winter. The Hyaluronic Acid in the Body Serum is UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve noticed an almost immediate change in my skin. I know it’s an extra step to your skincare routine, but we’ve got nothing but time right now, right?

Nécessaire Review

We’re living in an era focused on self-care at home and using clean, sustainable products. So, it’s no wonder that body care is becoming a more important part of skincare routines. It’s also why Necessaire has become one of the hottest body care brands on the market.

Whether you’ve seen Necessaire’s products in your social media feed or they’re currently on your nightstand, you can’t help but be drawn to their luxurious yet minimalistic packaging. The idea of skin-care-level ingredients without alcohol, silicone, and fragrance-free options makes these products extremely desirable.

My thoughts on the products? My honest Nécessaire Review is that products are 100% worth the hype. The check all my boxes and my skin has never been better. Snag the essential set ASAP.

About The Brand

The line was founded in November 2018 by Into the Gloss co-founder, Nick Axelrod, and former Esteé Lauder executive, Randi Christiansen. The brand uses recycled boxes and paper for its packaging and mailers. They also only work with FSC-certified companies, which means Necessaire only works with companies that are eco-friendly and protect the forest.

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A flat lay of the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit

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San Francisco fashion and lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF hold the Nécessaire The Body Essentials Kit in her SKIMS robe

Nécessaire Review, Senreve Belt Bag, Sunglasses, Katwalksf



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