RELAX: With Burke Williams – San Francisco Centre

Burke Williams - Ayurveda TreatmentsThe last place you would think to go to relax would be the mall…


But, one of the best-kept secrets in San Francisco is that one of our best day spas lives in the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

The San Francisco Burke Williams pays homage to Paris with its striking black and white décor and “Parisienne Fantasy” theme (as seen on my Instagram). It is one of their largest and most luxurious facilities (trust me). I would splurge for a treatment just to spend an afternoon in this facility (think hot tub, steam room and sauna).

Burke Williams - Ayurveda Treatments

I was treated to a very special afternoon at Burke Williams this month as they introduced Ayurvedic body treatments to their list of services. Walking into the spa I had ZERO idea what Ayurvedic medicine was…but lucky for me the team at Burke Williams walked me through the treatment and ensured that I left probably the most relaxed I have ever been in my ENTIRE life.

The Ayurvedic body treatments use traditional herbal blends and warm aromatherapeutic essential oils. These time-honored Ayurvedic body treatments will calm the mind, balance the three doshas and create a profound sense of bliss and contentment. This practice of Ayurvedic medicine has been in existence for over 5,000 years and judging from my treatment it will be around for another 5,000.

Check out the three Ayurvedic treatments offered at Burke Williams:

SHIRODHARA “Head-flow” – Profound – Flowing – Clarity

This deeply soothing traditional Ayurvedic treatment calms the central nervous system and integrates the mind and body to achieve a heightened state of awareness, relaxation, and contentment. The treatment begins with selecting the herbal massage oil specific to the mind-body constitution, or dosha. Guests will be expertly massaged with the warm herbal oil ending with the Shirodhara, a constant and gentle stream of oil poured over the third eye to create a profound state of happiness and mental clarity. 

ANANDA “Bliss” – Rhythmic – Hydrating – Vitality

Traditional Ayurvedic practice focuses on the 5 energy channels of the head, feet and hands. Ayurvedic herbs are applied to the five points followed by a nourishing, rhythmic flowing massage with heated therapeutic oils. Special emphasis is placed on the Marma points, the vital energy points that move electromagnetic energy through the body. Finally, the traditional Ayurvedic Balancing Bowl is used on the feet to balance the doshas and remove excess heat or energy from the body.

BALANCING BOWL ENHANCEMENT “Balance” – Realign – Uplifting – Peace

Made from three of earth’s metals, the Balancing Bowl contains specific properties to balance vital subtle energies within the body. Addressing the needs of the three doshas, silver balances Pitta, copper balances Kapha and brass balances Vata.  Performed with any of our massage treatments, this Ayurvedic enhancement will leave the guest relaxed with a profound sense of contentment.

Burke Williams - Ayurveda Treatments

The Burke Williams spa is an absolute treat in the heart of one of my favorite places to shop in San Francisco. Check it out for a relaxing afternoon alone or a day with the girls at the spa.

It is a San Francisco spa day must!

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