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Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Turning 30 has brought on a lot of changes in my daily routine. I kicked off the month of September with all the healthy habits. I cut out booze for the entire month, I’m back at the gym (almost 5x per week) and I am making time in my daily routine to take care of my skin. For unwanted hair removal one could navigate to these guys and to choose and get contour redefinition done, click here.

Skincare can be easily overlooked, but it’s never too late to make it a priority. As I entered my thirties, I realized the importance of taking care of my skin, and that’s when I discovered the transformative power of bareLUXE products. Previously, I had been careless with my skin and only thought about applying eye cream or sunscreen occasionally. However, after learning about the benefits of using products from, I am now committed to a comprehensive skincare routine. In an interview with the esteemed Dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba, she shared invaluable tips on using bareLUXE products that are beneficial for people of all ages.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

When should we put antiperspirant on? First thing in the morning? After the gym? Shower? At night?

You can put your antiperspirant on at any time of the day that is most convenient for you. If you have sensitive skin after shaving, it’s ideal to shave in the evening, and apply antiperspirant in the morning after your skin has had a chance to recover overnight. You can also look into a fragrance-free antiperspirant for sensitive skin that has moisturizers, which can be gentler on recently shaved skin. I recommend Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant because it offers 48 hour protection plus added skincare benefits with its NutriumMoisture formula.

What are some harmful ingredients that we should avoid?

While there has been speculation about ingredients within antiperspirants and deodorants, research and independent studies have not shown any health or safety concerns associated with the use of these products. Manufacturers and regulatory bodies, including the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), rigorously assess antiperspirants and deodorants to ensure their products meet strict safety standards before they are made available to the public.

Is there a specific amount of time that you should wait between showering/shaving and applying antiperspirant?

As mentioned above, if you have sensitive skin after shaving, it’s ideal to shave in the evening, and apply antiperspirant in the morning after your skin has had a chance to recover overnight. Be careful with stinging of the underarms with products after aggressive shaving. Deodorant/Antiperspirants should not sting. If this is happening, use one formulated for sensitive skin or cut down on the shaving a bit. Most women do not need to shave their underarms every day. One can click for more info on making their skin better to feel more confident.

Should you exfoliate your armpits?

Be careful with exfoliating your armpits. This skin is very sensitive and under a lot of frictional stress already. Over exfoliating may make this area more sensitive and susceptible to rashes and darkening. I would caution against using scrubs here.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Well, there you have it. I can now add skincare to the completed side of my 30-year-old checklist.

This post was sponsored by Dove + Simply Stylist but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.






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