Poshmark Tips + Celebrity Closets

Poshmark Tips


If you are in San Francisco I am open to venmo/cash pickup orders (heavily discounted)

30% off bundles in the Poshmark app when you buy 5 or more pieces.

Poshmark Tips

  • Use the brand and exact product name in the title. Poshmark invests a ton of money in SEO (search engine optimization) and this is the best way to draw attention to your closet. You have 50 characters including spaces to attract that buyer. You want to use as many words as you can as well as clear precise words that describe what you’re selling! Of all the Poshmark tips, this is the most important!
  • Photos! Yes, I have an advantage with professional blog photos for most of the items in my Poshmark closet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t style what you’re selling. Throw it on and take a mirror selfie or style it on the floor and take a flat lay photo. Buyers like to picture what the items would look like on a person and how the item will fit.
  • The description is just as important as the title and photos. TBH I normally just copy and paste the description directly from the brand website and add in any important information (alterations, signs of wear, etc.)
  • Pricing is at the top of my list to increase Poshmark sales. Since the price is visible to a buyer before a buyer selects the listing to learn more about that item it is very important that the price aligns with the condition of the item and comparable items in the Poshmark app. If you price yourself out of the market, buyers will browse right by your listings. To price competitively you want to check the SOLD comps, not the live listings.  Checking comps for items can be done by searching for an item you are about to list, with those results you want to filter for the SOLD listings. Once you have filtered the SOLD listings look for sold items similar to yours.
  • You sold an item! Wahoo! Snag the FREE boxes and envelopes from the post office! Yes, you read that correctly! Save your pennies and just use the FREE packing materials from your local post office. You can even order them online here. Lots of big sellers suggest wrapping the item in tissue and including a thank you card and that’s just not for me. I don’t have time for that and all the extra paper is a hard no for the environment. 

Poshmark Tips + Celebrity Closets,Poshmark - Chanel Clutch

Celebrity Closets

this is my ultimate guilty pleasure

somebody, please buy Dorinda’s Cushnie gown

$190 from $2,195

Busy Phillips

Carole Radziwill

Dorinda Meadley

Eva Marcille

Farrah Abraham

Leah McSweeney

Patti Stanger

Rachael Ray

Serena Williams

Trisha Paytas

find more on Poshmark here

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