M. Gemi Palestra Sneaker Review – The $228 Sneaker.

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The M. Gemi Palestra Sneaker

Sneakers are crazy expensive right now (insert all the designer dad shoes). Sure, there are still a ton of great options on the lower end, but more and more, it’s become “normal” to spot a pair of six, seven, even eight hundred dollar kicks when scrolling Instagram…hell I’m guilty of it here.

But when it comes to shopping for sneakers (especially a classic everyday white sneaker) my goal was to find a pair of sneakers that look expensive but don’t require a small business loan to pay for -> Enter the M. Gemi Palestra Sneaker. Now I ‘ve been wearing heels from M. Gemi for years. The Cammeo classic pointy-toe pump is on constantly on repeat in my wardrobe thanks to its classic design, comfort, and approachable price point, so I was already a fan of the brand when my sneakers arrived.

My Palestra sneakers arrived last week and in less than seven days I have really put them through the wringer. From a third date walking ALL around San Francisco to a food photoshoot that involved me balancing on a chair the Palestra sneakers survived and kept me looking cool and comfortable. I even spilled some food on them mid-photo shoot and was able to quickly wipe them clean with a napkin. With its clean lines and minimalist style—this sneaker is truly elevated. I would honestly compare them to my $400 Original Achilles leather sneakers from Common Projects, but slightly more comfortable. You can also easily get away with pairing these sneakers with dressed-up pieces or leather leggings.

Seven days into owning these sneakers I give them two thumbs up and recommend them to anyone in the market for a quality white leather sneaker.

How can M.Gemi afford to make shoes this good at such a reasonable price? Well, like lots of new fashion brands that were born in the tech era, M.Gemi sells its shoes directly to consumers instead of third-party retailers. In other words, if they did things the old school way, you could expect these sneakers to retail for at least $600. Now, look—we know nothing can beat the real thing, and sometimes a $900 splurge on sneakers is just what the soul needs. Point is, these M.Gemi sneakers will still get you all the compliments of a shoe that’s a lot more expensive.

The M. Gemi Palestra Sneaker

Details: Tumbled leather upper, soft gold eyelets, white cotton laces, leather lining with a rubber bottom. Made by hand in Marche, Italy.

Fit Tip: A super-comfy, easy fit. Readily accommodates a wider foot. Those with narrower feet may wish to go down a half size.

I am a true Italian size 38/US size 8 and on the average to narrow side and ordered true to size. I have a little bit of extra room but feel that a size 37.5/7.5 would be too small. My recommendation would be to order true to size unless your foot is really really narrow.

Palestra Sneaker, Palestra Minimo Review, M. Gemi discount code

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  1. Would love these! Taking a trip to japan in april and they seem like the perfect pair to pack for logging miles exploring

  2. Never heard this brand but it looks so pretty!!! Also, I think we have the same shoes size ??..

  3. Never heard this brand but it looks so pretty!!! Also, I think we have the same shoes size ??

  4. Thank you so much for your review, I’ve been looking for a comfortable white pair that is comfortable enough to walk all over town! ?

  5. I’ve been lusting over M. Gemi ever since LombardAndFifth posted them! Neeeeed in my life!

  6. the most comfortable shoes! they have a crisp design. you could wear all day, and i do!

  7. these shoes are to die for! i’ve been dreaming of them for over a year. such a classic white leather sneaker!

  8. These are a must have! So simple yet so classy! I love a good pair of sneakers that speak for themselves! <3

  9. Absolutely need these in my life! Especially since the contest ends on my birthday ?

  10. I’ve been looking for a pair of cite white comfy shoes. These are everything! I have never heard of this brand, but I love the way they look. BTW LOVE your dating updates. Keep up the awesome work! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. These are so cute and would work so well for my job! I have to wear all white shoes that are also comfortable to stand in for long periods of time.

  12. love the look of a classic white sneaker! this italian would love to rock a pair! ❤️

  13. I’ve heard of the brand before but have never tried their stuff. The shoes look great!

  14. Does it get any better than a pair of white leather sneakers MADE IN ITALY?! Need some M. Gemi’s in my life!!

  15. New to M.Gemi but have always loved a good white sneaker from rocking Keds as a kid, to KSWISS as a middle schooler, and Jack Purcell’s as a teen. I still love white sneakers but haven’t found something classic and versatile enough as an adult…until these, best part they is that accommodate wider feet – yes!!! Cute shoes are great but if they’re too uncomfortable to wear I never will.

    • Valerie, do you have a pair? I’m on WL so wondering if you went up half size to have more room in the toe box? 🙏

  16. I just got laid off and need a new pair of sneakers to cheer me up!! + we share the same cute name 🙂

  17. These shoes are beautiful! I have a local M. Gemi store and I’ll have to check these out. @meganbfsu

  18. I have been looking for the perfect versatile white sneaker that isn’t too trendy. These are ??.

  19. My current obsession with sneakers continues! Might need to snag me a pair of these if they’re as comfy as you say ?

  20. So awesome looking ….love the clean lines!! Perfect sneaker!! I think I need them :).

  21. I love white sneakers!! I feel like they go with any outfit. I’ve never heard of this brand but I love how sleek the sneaker is. Makes your feet look so petite which can be hard in white sneakers! I’d love to have a pair of these to wear with some dresses with spring approaching 🙂

  22. I now check your account daily because you’re curating content that speaks to my soul like these sneakers! Love!

  23. Just found you through heather k mcmahan! Love her and I’m so glad I found you! Love these sneaks too!!!

  24. Headed to Italy in March & keeping my fingers crossed to be rocking some sneakers from there too 😉

  25. Omg I’ve never wanted cute little white shoes as much as I do right now. These hit the nail on the head. Practical, versatile, comfy, and don’t break the bank. Yes please!

    • K hi, Emily here again. Stillllll thinking about these shoes. I just adore them and need them in my life.

  26. Ah! Totally want for my upcoming trip to SF! They are perfect! (side note : love these posts! already purchased the sale nikes for the gym – thank you!)

  27. GIMME ?? No, seriously… these are adorable. I need some white comfy shoes. For some reason I only have red and black. These would fit in with the crew nicely. Pretty please ?

  28. So fresh and so clean! How many all white sneakers is too many all white sneakers? Asking for a friend… ?

  29. These look great, clean and comfortable. I could wear to work or on the plane. I am not into the scuffed up white sneaker look (shhh!) so I’ve had my eyes on these for a while.

  30. Been dying for a pair of these shout out to heather for reposting you ootd and introducing me to your beautiful page!

  31. For someone who doesn’t wear white shoes, these are an absolute must have! Obsessed is an understatement!

  32. WOW obsessed! Classic meets chic ? I would wear these all of the time!!

  33. OBSESSED!! Classic meets chic & trendy? I would wear these ALL of the the time!!!!

  34. these sneakers are perfect for a busy travel schedule and if you dont want to pack a lot if different shoes. seems they go with everything!

  35. What a great review! These sneaks look like the perfect basic shoe to go with anything!!!

  36. timeless. chic. fun. sporty. put together. a truly BEAUTIFUL shoe!!! Need them in every color!!

  37. These would be so cute with a men’s wear inspired outfit or grunge casual like a pair of leather leggings, long black t-shirt and oversized blazer! So cute for the office.

  38. This is just awesome and Giving an tremendous look and I wanna give this shoes for my hubster on this valentine’s day and on this wish Thanks for ur blog!

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