Oh, Mexico. It sounds so simple I just got to go.

IMG_0320As much as I love your song Mr. James Taylor, getting to Mexico is far from simple. It took me 2 airplanes, 5 wheelchairs, 1 mobility van and an entourage that could fill a suburban to get here. Traveling with one functioning leg sucks, but Mexico my friends does not. After a long day of traveling I arrived with 95% of the HBC + the sisters to celebrate Gena’s upcoming marriage and to enjoy some fun in the sun!


So the travel day was well worth it! This is my room and even though it took three of the Capella Hotel’s finest to get me up here it was well worth it!


Swimsuit: Asos Plunge Backless Suite

Wrap: Isabel Marant Zipeli Scarf (also seen here)

Sunglasses: Karen Walker Betsy

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