Marc To The Rescue

IMG_1415I suffered a major case of the “Monday Blues” yesterday and spent the first half of my day feeling tired and lazy…

Until I remembered that the new Marc Jacobs Beauty collection was out! I decided to lunch at Sephora, check out the new collection and convince some poor Sephora employee to fix my face!

The new Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection is everything one would expect from Marc.

Amazing packaging and product names that will give NARS a run for their money!



IMG_1420Top: Alice Ritter x Gap (only in select stores)

Jeans: Gap, 1969 Mid-Rise Flare Jeans

Shoes: Gap Design Editions by Pierre Hardy (still on ebay)

Bag: Marc Jacobs (old). Love this new version here.

Sunglasses: Karen Walker, Betsy

Lips: Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc-Lip Gel, Moody Margot


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