Hey Ash! Take a Picture of Me!

Since the day I started this blog, I started harassing my dear friend Ashley to take pictures of me. This all started in Europe, which was fun because we were traveling and going to fashion shows but…
Now we are back in the states and our make shift fashion shoots have turned into day long photo shoots at her fabulous parents house (thank you DLo). These photo shoots involve suitcases of clothes, my poorly behaved dog Benji and a ton of booze. This “look” was the last of the day…clearly.

Peplum top: H& M (part of the Lana Del Ray campaign for the floral print collection) Sold out in stores but still on ebay.
Jeans: Current/Elliott 1957 Boyfriend- loved
Shoes: B Brian Atwood Fontanne Pump
Bracelets: Stolen from Gena & Necklace: Given to me by Gena

And a huge Thank You to Ashley, DLo and Di for helping me with KatWalk and taking MY picture!

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