What I Ate: Rodeo Goat, Dallas

Rodeo Goat, DallasI love a burger (who doesn’t) and I was determined to find a fancy burger during my recent trip to Dallas. After a little research on the interwebs and an uber I found myself at Rodeo Goat in the new/trendy design district of Dallas.

Rodeo Goat, Dallas

My burger did not disappoint and the servers did not mind me and my solo weirdo set up (camera/laptop/table for 1).

My White Animal Burger featured garlic-roasted cremini mushrooms, pickled onions, gruyere with a soy caramelized glaze. It was everything and dreamed of and more….until I got the queso.

Rodeo Goat, Dallas

$6.50 for this small white cup of PURE magic. I never quite understood the ‘queso’ hype my friends from Texas would speak of until I finally got my share of the real deal Texas Queso Dip.

I have no idea what is in it and I am pretty sure that I NEVER want to know what is in it, but I highly recommend booking a flight to Texas right this minute and consuming all the Queso!

Rodeo Goat, Dallas

Rodeo Goat, Dallas

Yep, keep this burger on my side people. Rodeo Goat was exactly what this California burger lover needed. What are some of your favorite burger spots?


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