What I Ate Wednesday: Chubby Noodle

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

What I Ate Wednesday: A recap of what I ate, the color of my nails + the jewelry on my hands.

I now have two instagram accounts KATWALKSF and now my food only instagram, KATFOODSF. I take eating very seriously (Yikes!) + decided that I should start documenting my food adventures regularly.

Now let’s look at what I ate at Chubby Noodle.

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

Starting with Chubby Fried Chicken. This buttermilk brined chicken is one juicy, crunchy bite of heaven. The dipping sauce is laced with crack and I have been known to dip everything in it.

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

I don’t normally order a salad (ask my jeans), but when I do it MUST have a fried component.

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

This salad was no joke and had just the right amount of spice to give it a kick!

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

Beef Chow Mein + Bling….

Followed by all the sake shots…shots…shots

How does that song go?

KatWalkSF - Chubby Noodle

What I Ate:

Chubby Noodle: Chubby Fried Chicken, Noodle Salad, Chow Mein + Sake

What I Wore:

Rings: Leslie Francesca, Kamryn Dame, YSL via Poshmark

Sunglasses: Karen Walker, Starburst

Nails: OPI, Alpine Snow


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