Life lately has been a bit chaotic, however there has been one constant in my everyday wardrobe: turquoise. Lucky for me every turquoise piece I own was handed down to me by my Dad. Yep, the one and only Jim Ensign was quite the turquoise connoisseur in his heyday.
One of my favorite pieces to style is this MAJOR squash blossom necklace. According to Jim it is a, Zuni Peyote Water Bird. The Water Bird is a symbol of the renewal of life, rainy seasons, rivers, distant travel, distant vision + wisdom. If that is the case I’m not taking this bad boy off!


Shop some of my favorite turquoise gems below, including this squash blossom.


  1. That squash blossom necklace is gorgeous! Turquoise looks great with your skin tone. How does your dad know so much about turquoise?! Cool dad!

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