Tourist in my City

IMG_5091What is better than spending the day as a tourist in your own city?

When I think of a typical San Francisco tourist, I think of freezing cold families walking around in ugly San Francisco sweatshirts (they had to buy because it got so unexpectedly cold) at Pier 39.

My mission for the day was to find some amazing crab, since crab season was fresh underway and I had yet to participate. After a brief yelp search the Crab House was deemed the place to go and off to Pier 39 I went!


I am clearly not a tourist…but I did insist on having my picture taken next to the sea lions.

Thank god I had my cape and oxblood turtleneck on to distinguish myself from “them.”

IMG_5094Cape: (?) This was a total Lucy find and I have no idea who makes it. Shop here and here for inspiration!Turtleneck: Gap Pure draped turtleneckLeggings: Zara high waist leggings (a score from Spain and an amazing basic)Boots: Boutique 9 “Charissa”Bag: Max Mara “Marguax”Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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