Three Pieces of Jewelry for Single Ladies

Where my single ladies at?

I know I’m not the only one out here struggling to get my jewelry on every time I get dressed. My long pointy nails and inability to ever be on time (insert me rushing with clammy hands) makes putting on jewelry a SERIOUS SINGLE LADY STRUGGLE.

Now I normally don’t mind being single (because I’ve been single for so long) and frankly, I enjoy being alone…until it is time to get ready and you can’t zip up my dress and get my jewelry on. Am I Right? Imagine me sitting on the ground totally defeated half dressed and sweaty.

My everyday jewelry used to consist of just layered rings and diamond studs in my ears until the team at Gorjana sent me a gift card to celebrate their San Francisco store opening. I’ve worn Gorjana pieces in the past and have always loved them, but struggled with the clasps on the pieces that I own. I always want to wear layers of necklaces, but the thought of struggling to put three necklaces on by myself would always stop me from trying to make it happen.

So the team at Gorjana sent me a $150 gift card and upon its arrival I immediately got on the website. I was beyond pleased to find several adjustable pieces on their website and promptly ordered them. These pieces arrived and to my delight easily went on to my wrist and neck without any struggle! Adjustable by Gorjana means no clasp, no fuss, and all the layered jewels without any single lady struggles!

So I present to you: Three Pieces of Jewelry for Single Ladies

KatWalkSF wearing the Gorjana Chloe Adjustable Necklace

Three Pieces of Jewelry for Single Ladies

1. Chloe Adjustable Necklace $75

Looking for the perfect versatile necklace? The Chloe Adjustable Necklace can be worn 7 different ways! The delicate chain features hammered discs and can be customized to wear as a long necklace, short necklace, wrapped necklace, lariat, choker, or even backward. Style as a solo statement or layer with other gold necklaces. I layered it with the Mosiac Necklace from Gorjana above. I love the style of the Mosiac Necklace, but the evil clasp makes it hard to put on solo.

2. Amara Adjustable Bracelet $65

This sparkling bracelet with baguette-cut details offers a touch of modern elegance with an adjustable closure. No clasp! This bracelet is SO easy to put on and shines standing alone or stacked.

3. Chloe Small Adjustable Bracelet $50

Delicate discs in their classic Chloe texture accent this adjustable piece. Perfect to wear alone or layer with your other jewels. This is from the same collection as the necklace (above) and pairs perfectly with the Amara bracelet.

Check out all of my favorite jewels here.

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Shop the Jewelry for Single Ladies Below:


  1. Oh these are gorgeous! I love the look of layering bracelets, I like to layer three or four on my wrist. I always wear gold jewellery too, its so classy!

  2. I am single. Haha and this post is totally for me. I am in love with the braclet. All the jewelry pieces are so cute and easy to carry.

  3. These pieces are so pretty! I love the adjustable closure without a clasp. Jewelry pieces are really great when they can be worn several different ways. It’s like you have more than one piece in one!

  4. These are gorgeous wow! Super super love. I am sharing this across my network, they’re awesome.

  5. Oh! I love those bracelets! My issue with jewelry is that it’s always too big (especially bracelets!), so these adjustable bracelets would be perfect!

  6. That’s great that the bracelet has no clasp. I will have to check this out. My daughter isn’t a huge jewelry wearing person but she does love a bracelet now and again and these look lovely.

  7. Love these pieces. They are so delicate and feminine. I love that they are adjustable. It means you can wear them with so much more.

  8. I am sharing this with my friends they will definitely love to add them in their collection. I am loving each and every piece of jewelry here

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