The NYC Freeze


I am back in San Francisco + think I have just about defrosted from my trip to New York!

The weather in San Francisco has been quite nice since I returned, but even looking at these pictures makes me cold! This look is from my first day in NYC…before I learned that wearing ALL of my clothes at once was always a good idea. Thank god my coat was pretty warm because just a coat + a dress was not enough to battle the NYC weather!

IMG_1249I am not quite sure where this is, but I do know the water is frozen + I nearly died when I took off my gloves to take this picture.

IMG_7450I stumbled upon this MAJOR MOMENT while waiting for my UBER in a Banana Republic. I love everything about this shot, especially the chair!union_4

union_2My bag is literally bursting at the seams! A big ass crossbody bag is the way to go when running around the city like a maniac + need all of your worldly possessions with you at all times.


Don’t think I have ever seen a sign like this in California!



What I Wore:

Jacket: The Reformation (sold out). Love the Kingston Trench too.

Dress: ASOS, Shift Dress with Dropped Waist

Hat: Goorin Bros., Baily Rogers

Boots: Carrano, Anna (sold out)

Necklace: Marrin Costello via Les Méchantes, The Queens Collection

Bag: Balenciaga (older style). Shop new here + here.

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Original Aviator

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


  1. You look great amongst all those layers! The cold has been the pits…bet you are glad to be back in SF…take me with you?

  2. You are a quick study! Yes, one has to wear all of ones clothes at once, add hats, under layers, and scarves… to be warm on a day like this!
    Since all of your clothes are so chic, love the winter white dress and your pretty coat. you did fine!
    Love the BR shot, and the shot of the faucet…..challenging here, but much better than the burbs or Boston. ( i have a gym, a Duande Read, and a great Italian restaurant in my building!)

    Love this look! You have a great smile, too!
    xx, Elle

  3. You poor thing. You braved the cold to get these awesome shots. I’m also impressed that you were able to be in Union Square are in no one was around. I usually stay away from there because there are so many people. Super jealous.

    As for the ensemble, I really like this. The elongated swing coat is so chic. It looks great on you. Now that hat…. killer. With just a few pieces of hair sticking out, it really showcases your face. Great styling.

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