The City of Lights

IMG_1354On this trip in particular the lights of Paris caught my attention. Whether it was a chandelier in a ballroom, the neon lights of a storefront or the oh-so famous eiffel tower light show I loved it all…and could not stop taking pictures of the lights! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_1447The lights from the mysterious club next to our house that we could never get into. We literally tried to get into this club every night. Sometimes on the way out + sometimes on our way home. No matter what we were wearing, no matter what time of the day it was, we could NEVER get in!

But I still loved the lights!

The midnight eiffel tower light show + the chandelier from the Salon Impérial

The Hotel Costes is fabulous for oh-so many reasons including this amazing pair of neon lights by Claude Leveque in the Gallery PalaceCostes. According to Levegue,”I was going to use words to express the feelings that can be felt in Paris.” The series of words will be updated every month until July, all written in his godson, Romaric’s handwriting.

See the full story here.


Merci Paris!

I miss you already!

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