The Best Puffer: The Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF standing in front of Eva's Bakery in Salt Lake City wearing a Uniqlo puffer.

The UNIQLO name comes from the words ‘unique’ and ‘clothing’ – simple and clever, just like their clothes, which are world-famous for being high-quality, innovative, functional, and affordable.

The flagship of these staples is undoubtedly the UNIQLO down jacket. Coming in a range of styles, from parkas to the now legendary super-lightweight option, these pieces are easily styled, functional, and downright affordable. It’s a modern-day icon that looks good on anyone. There are several reasons for the success of UNIQLO down beyond looks alone, though. One is the fact it’s lightweight and so easy to transport. Add that to the fact that they’re water-repellent and warm, and you’ve got a winter winner.

I was introduced to UNIQLO when they opened their flagship location in San Francisco on Powell Street in Union Square way back in 2012. I spent many years working on a retail floor and was blown away by their massive amount of perfectly merchandised and folded products.

Flash forward to a couple of years later in my blogging career and I was modeling the Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat in the window of the very same flagship store (where is that photo???)

I received this coat for a blog collaboration, but it has become a staple in my wardrobe. I showcase it year after year on the blog and on my stories, so I figured it deserved a dedicated blog post and lookbook by now!

Scroll down for the features and benefits of the coat as well as my styling the coat over the years.

Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

xxs-xxl | five colors | hand wash cold

Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Hooded Coat

Features & Benefits 

water-repellent coating keeps out light rain.

pocketable design can be stored in the carrying pouch -> carrying pouch attaches to the inside loop on the left

newly updated with a more compact, unlined design.

versatile matte finish

the seam is aligned with stitches behind the waist to maintain a streamlined silhouette.

shapely A-line cut

contoured round collar with a detachable hood.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF wears the Uniqlo Ultra Down black puffer coat in San Francisco.

Uniqlo Ultra Down, Sweaty Betty, Kat Ensign, KatWalkSF, San Francisco Blogger, Kathleen Ensign

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