Summer Layers


I am pretty sure this picture says it all.
There is no need for me to insert the oh-so famous Mark Twain quote. We all know, Summer in San Francisco is cold!
The funny thing about the day we snapped these shots however, is that we started in sunny North Beach and by the time we parked in the Marina the weather had gone from calm + sunny to windy + freezing. The unpredictable weather in San Francisco has taught us to always bring a  stylish layering piece (to avoid looking like a tourist in the weird hoodies from Fisherman’s Wharf) and to stock up on some fashionable yet warm basics—> Insert Marine Layer.



Green Juice at the beach? Absolutely!
The crew at Project Juice is cranking out some cold-pressed juice that literally knocked my socks off. After quite a few long nights celebrating the 4th + my new job, my body was begging for me to drop the beer + pick up some juice.



What I Wore:

Top: Maine Layer (c/o), The Marlowe Woven
Shorts: American Eagle, Boyfit Bermuda Shorts
Bag: Lo & Sons (c/o),  The Catalina
Sunglasses: RayBan, ‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Aviators
Necklaces: Gazel (c/o), Chiya Turquoise Natural Stone, Vintage + Marrin Costello, Deanna Body Chain
Earrings: Tiffany & Co., Gold Beads
Hat: Gorrin Bros (c/o), Poolside
Photos by: J. Villarete Photography 


    • Thanks lady! The crew at Lo & Sons made this bag with me in mind (I kid). But really it has a compartment for everything!

    • Thanks lady! Even though I stole it from the boys, it is a major favorite!

    • Jenny May is a saint for taking these photos girl! You have no idea how cold it was lol!

    • I just discovered them and GIRL, the bag has a shoe compartment on the bottom! You need one!

  1. I fell in love with this shirt when I saw it on your Instagram! Great colors, and I’m kind of envious of your weather right now. It’s so freaking hot in Cincinnati!

    • This shirt was made by the gods, TRUST! And the weather is oh-so sad these days! Today was freezing! I need some sun!

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