Stella at the Shangri-La, Paris

This dress is one of my many fantastic finds from Nordstrom Rack. I can’t remember how much I saved with this bad boy, but I know it was a lot! I just love spending a day hunting through racks and racks of designer clothes in hopes of finding the perfect deal. I’m pretty sure I picked up this bad habit from my mother, who used to drag me around to Marshalls and TJ Maxx all the time as a kid. Thanks mom!
Now back to the rack… finding the perfect deal takes a little bit more than just searching around the store! First, you have to go to a “good” Nordstrom Rack. For me that means the one in the SOMA of San Francisco. The key to finding the perfect Rack is all about the location, location, location. It has to be the closest Rack to the good Nordstroms (a good Nordstroms has the Designer Collection and usually in a big city). Then there is timing. The best time to shop the Rack is a couple weeks after there big sales.
Once you are there it is very important that you are not hungry, don’t need to use the bathroom, don’t need to go anywhere for hours and have on easy clothes on to take on/off. There is nothing worse than arriving at the Rack and realizing you only have 30 minutes to shop! Now go find a “good” Nordstrom Rack and enjoy!

Dress: Stella McCartney (old) shop here and here for new styles
Bag: Marc JacobsRing: Alexis BittarShoes: Nine West

A huge thank you again to the Shangri-la, Paris for hosting us and providing such a fabulous background.

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