I’ve been told by multiple people that culottes are just – not for me!

Well, those people were wrong!

An afternoon at my local Ruti store in San Francisco changed my opinion of culottes for the curvy lady and hopefully yours too.

Now, my afternoon was extra special due to the fact that Ruti herself just happened to be there. After greeting me, she immediately walked the floor and pulled a KILLER selection of pieces for me to try on from her current collection.

While culottes are usually the last thing on my shopping list, Ruti gave me the extra push that I needed to try on the red-hot pants and walk out feeling like a million bucks!

Banana Republic - Fringe

Marrin Costello





Banana Republic - Fringe


What I Wore:

Top: Ruti (c/o), Lotus Blouse

Pants: Ruti (c/o), Violet Pant

Shoes: Banana Republic, Honey Fringe Pump

Bracelets: Marrin Costello, Bowzer Bracelet

Photos by Blink Inc 

Shop more from Ruti here:


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