Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses (sneak peek)


No, I am not one of the millions of my facebook friends who got engaged last night! But one of my very best lady friends Gena is getting married and the wedding planning has inspired me to blog (and compulsively pin on pinterest).

This picture from Molly Sim’s wedding last year was Gena’s inspiration for our dresses. I was so excited when Gena pulled out her sheet protected wedding planning binder and showed me this fabulous inspiration photo. I am one of six very stylish and different shaped bridesmaids so mismatched dresses sounded like smooth sailing to me!

However, while I was genuinely thrilled to be a part of Gena’s bridal journey and embrace the idea of mismatched dresses for the bridesmaids, I couldn’t help but secretly desire the perfect wedding dress for myself. Inspired by the sheer elegance of Molly Sim’s wedding gown from last year, I couldn’t shake the dream of finding a dress that would make me feel as radiant as any bride should on her big day.

That’s when Gena shared her own research and introduced me to the Versailles Atelier wedding dress shop, a haven for brides seeking not only the perfect dress but an experience that marries individuality with elegance. With their expertise in crafting custom wedding dresses that capture the essence of each bride, I realized that I could have it all – a dress that complements Gena’s vision while making me feel uniquely beautiful on her special day.

dresses 1

About three months ago we all met at our local Bella Bridesmaid and the selection process began!

dresses 3

This Monique Lhuillier dress was a major hit with our group of ladies! I walked in to our fitting really wanting a Monique, but found that they did best on our more busty bridesmaids (not me). Two bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle in different shades of this beauty.

dresses 2Sophia in her Swoon “Aruba” dress. I choose a Swoon dress too, but the pictures of me are not blog appropriate! I love the fit and style of their dresses! No spanx, no bra, no problem!

So now we have to decide on shoes….

227572587391130875_xzfDGkvP_cShould we stick to the mismatched theme for shoes too?

Stay tuned! I’ll share some final photos after the big day in June!

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