Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Activewear

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Activewear

This is my favorite category after beauty to shop during the sale.

Just like beauty, I’m sharing my tried and true favorites. These are the pieces that I already own and have been wearing for years. Nothing new over here, except for a few wishlist items at the end.


The booty boost leggings are my ride or die leggings -> the double-layer, dig-free waistband is contoured to create the illusion of a perkier rear! TBH I wear these leggings out more than to workout. I wear a medium and I wear them to brunch!

nsale spanx bra post here


If I could suggest any item in this sale it would be the power leggings from Sweaty Betty. I picked up running in 2020 and I can NOT run without them. The handy back pocket and side pocket make running around the city a breeze. I wear a size medium in everything Sweaty Betty.





These are the kind of items you buy once and you NEVER need to replace them. I wear the half-zip sweater and the vest 24/7 in San Francisco. You can’t beat Patagonia quality. You buy these items once and you are good-to-go!

I wear a medium in both pieces.

North Face

These are all wishlist items this year. North Face is like Patagonia. I buy something once and wear it forever. None of my usual favorites are on sale this year, so I pulled some of my wishlist favorites.




  1. Have put all these bits on my wish list ! Praying none are out of stock !! Roll on the 19th ??

  2. Have all these bits in my wish list now !! Praying for none to be out of stock ! Roll on the 19th ??

  3. Have all these on my wish list now ! Praying none will sell out ! Roll on the 19th !!

  4. Thank you for sharing! The Nordstrom sale always overwhelms me ? I want that North Face and some activewear for sure

  5. Thanks for sharing you nsale picks girl! Definitely ordering some of these! Just getting back into running and these SF hills are a killer. At least I can look cute while struggling right!?

  6. Such solid picks and ones that seem like they’ll flex for a few seasons! And I’m with you—beauty and athleisure for life!

  7. Thanks for putting all your good picks for the sale in here! You will def prob Influence me to buy something I don’t need! Lol

  8. Omg yes! Saw your insta post about the sweaty bettys and have been dying to try them. You turned me on to the arrivals leather jacket!

  9. What to choose, what to choose!! I’ve thought about the Booty Boost Leggins, maybe its time to pull the trigger!

  10. Thank you for always bringing the best!! As I’m sure we all have, I’ve been living in any kind of athletic wear that can also double as an outfit!

  11. Literally changed my life with your sweaty Betty leggings! Can’t wait for the nsale

  12. Love a good workout set, especially during quarantine! I haven’t tried sweaty Betty yet and would love to test it out!

  13. Hi! I’ve gotten into running in April during Covid times and had to take 6 weeks off for an injury. I have always been a huge fan of the spans fur fox leggings and got the black jeans on your recommendation and love them. I wanna try the spanx bra during the N sale. I would also love to try the sweaty Betty legging since I haven’t liked anything except the lulu Lemmon fast and free. Thanks for the n sale suggestions!

  14. You can really never have too many Patagonia’s… at least that’s what I tell myself ?

  15. Thank you for all your super fun post! I never heard of Sweaty Betty until I started following you! Love the fit and quality!

  16. ❤️ Sweaty Betty and love this list, thanks for always sharing the best sales with us! You keep it so real for us SF gals.

  17. You can never have too much Patagonia… or at least that’s what I’m telling myself so I can stock up ?

  18. I’m part of the “19th squad” so hopefully these items don’t sell out.

  19. You always pull through with the best picks! And that sweaty Betty set is ??

  20. Love these looks! I feel like all I feel buy these days is active wear but it’s a pandemic who cares ?

  21. Would love the Sweaty Betty as I run off this baby weight! You’re always sharing the best quality finds! <3

  22. Such great picks, thanks for sharing all your faves! Love all the active and comfy wear – esp Sweaty Betty! Need some new threads to motivate myself to work off this quarantine 15 ??

  23. Love your content, I’ve started running since quarantine thanks to you. I bought the Bala Bangles and spanks bra with your code and this sweaty Beaty set would really complete the look ??

  24. Omg I want to try Sweaty Betty so badly! I love the idea of being a runner but have to convince myself to do it lol

  25. Love your reviews and been wanting to try these leggings! Hope they’re still in stock on the NSale.

  26. I blame you for my SB obsession! Bought the hat and tank after you posted and 10 packages later I’m hooked!

  27. Thanks for sharing your picks!! Excited to try some sweaty Betty as long as they aren’t sold out by the 19th!

  28. First anniversary sale I’m shopping! Thanks for the tips and quite a few of your picks are on my wish list now ?

  29. Love this review— especially because you actually work out so I know these will be great products! Can’t wait until I am able to shop the sale. Looking forward to more of your reviews!

  30. Love all of your picks— especially since you actually work out, so I know they will be good. Have them on my list for when I can shop. Can’t wait to see more of your reviews from the sale!

  31. Thanks for your picks. Always trust your opinions.. Haven’t let me down yet!

  32. Thanks for the post! I have saved a bunch to my wish list! Fingers crossed most are still in stock once I’m able to shop! ??

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