Merci – Celebrating Four Years of KatWalkSF

Merci - Paris - KatWalkSF

Four years ago today I published my first blog post.

I purchased the domain four days earlier on a whim in Paris after somehow sneaking into a few shows at Paris Fashion Week.

The photos were bad, the content was all over the place but hey, I stuck with it and four years later KatWalkSF is still going strong.

I’ve changed jobs,

I’ve dated different dudes,

I’ve gained weight and then lost weight,

My hair has been every color of the rainbow (yikes)


I’ve blogged about fashion, travel, my dog and now food.

Thank you to everyone who has supported KatWalkSF, taken my photo, attended events, not unfollowed me on Instagram and stuck with me.

Cheers to four more years!


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