Me and My Bangs

I am (clearly) constantly looking for style inspiration and today I woke up ready for a hair change. I am currently rocking a very blonde look with very thick bangs. I am enjoying my bangs, but boy are they high maintenance! I have found myself struggling to see the computer at work and even parting them down the middle and to the side so I can drive! Bangs are a big commitment and in need of constant upkeep! My bangs got so long that one day at work our denim stylist cut them in the office so that I could gain my vision back!


IMG_5076And so the hunt for the perfect “bangin” hairstyle began…

Blonde_Long_Length_Layered_Cut_with_a_FringeI love these long layered bangs that work all the way around her head. I found this image and a ton of hair style inspiration while searching the internet and compulsively pinning on Pinterest. This photo came from Rush Putney, a UK based hair and beauty website and salon.

Black_Soft_BlowdryI am obsessed with this style. I don’t think I could ever go dark again, but I love these natural curls and waves.

Brown_Bowl_CutA bowl cut?

Who knew that this blast from the past could be so chic?

Check out RUSH Hair for style inspiration for hair and makeup here in the states, visit a salon in the UK and shop online here.

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