How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

The time has come, the moment we have all been dreading…

It’s time to remove our dip manicures at home.

In an effort to not come out of this looking like a troll or one of those awful memes I have done a ton of research on this topic. I read all the articles and even reached out to a nail technician down in Los Angeles who gave me a ton of great tips to share. I linked all the supplies you need to Target for this post because Target has been on it for delivery lately (more so than Amazon) and it is an easy one-stop-shop.

What You Need to Buy

To Remove Dip Nails at Home

  • Buffing Block | to remove the topcoat
  • 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover | this stuff is STRONG and will STAIN | be VERY careful with it
  • Double Zipper Sandwich Bags | any strong plastic bag will do | I doubled them up because the acetone was so strong
  • Plastic Bowl | any bowl that you can fit one hand in will work | make sure that this is not a bowl that you EVER plan on eating out of <- just in case any of the acetone comes out of the sandwich bags
  • Kitchen Towels | I linked an inexpensive version from Target, but honestly just grab a couple of rags. They will most likely get stained so don’t use anything that you love.
  • Cotton Balls | just good to have on hand
  • Nail Clippers | to trim your natural nails | I had no idea just how long my natural nails were until the dip came off

Two ziplock sandwich bags to soak your nails in to remove your dip manicure.

Now let’s get the dip off!

Before you get started set up a space (ideally outside) with all your supplies and lay down a rag to protect the surface. 100% acetone is VERY strong.

Step One: File Down the Top Coat | start off by filing or buffing the shiny top coat layer off your nails

Step Two: Soak Nails in Acetone | we are not just going to put our hands in a bowl of acetone! this is where the industry tips come in -> take the plastic bowl and fill it up with warm water, then double bag two sandwich bags and fill them with the acetone.

soak one hand in the sandwich bag while it is submerged in the plastic bowl. why? the warm water will prevent the acetone from getting cold and expedite the removal process. once your hand is submerged in the acetone/water cover the bowl with a rag.

the rag will keep the bowl warm and the fumes out of your face.

take your hand out of the plastic bowl after 30 minutes. dump the acetone out of the plastic bags, replace it with fresh acetone and soak your other hand for 30minutes.

Step Three: Wipe Remaining Powder Polish Off | once all of your fingers have soaked, take an acetone-soaked cotton ball and wipe any remaining powder off of your nails.

KatWalkSF soaks her nails in 100% acetone to remove her dip manicure.

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone Remove Dip Nails at Home

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone, Remove Dip Nails at Home

this entire process made my hands VERY dry

but let’s be honest, all of our hands are VERY dry right now

I’ve recommended this product before and honestly I can’t get enough of it!

FARMACY, Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve

Loaded with nutrients, including amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E, this balm nurtures, protects, and supports skin for a youthful appearance.

Pure, raw honey soothes and hydrates.

This multitasking salve can be used to rescue dry skin, tame flyaways, help soothe sunburns, and more.

find more of my favorite skincare recommendations here

Next Step

Kiss imPRESS Couture False Nails

I will update this post tomorrow once I get the fake nails on! I decided to give my nails the night off.


  1. Interested in seeing the nail application. Way back when I tried and it was all kinda of wonky. Too big or small for my nails beds the left hand looking more polished than the right. ?

    • Thank you so much for posting the extra step for how to revive your hands after removing dip nails! I feel like my hands have been drying out like crazy lately, and everything else I’ve tried has been a dud. You’re a lifesaver!

  2. Thank you for posting this, it’s going to be my activity for tonight. You are always on top of everything I didn’t know I needed!! Haha

  3. Are the new nails you are putting on acrylic or like an already hardened version of Gel?

  4. Definitely interested in your review for the nail set. Mine look haggard ??‍♀️

  5. Did a similar process with my gel and my hands are dry AF now! Need all the lotions and potions.

  6. I cannot wait to try this! I still have a couple more weeks before I need to remove my nails but thank you so much for posting! Definitely going to grab that salve too!

  7. These talons are going to need to come off ASAP! Ordering supplies right now.

  8. Definitely going to do this within the next week! My nails are way too long, I almost sent my nail guy a text asking him what to do!

  9. Wish I had this guide a week ago.. haha I did it a much more painful way! Such great tips!

  10. I needed to post a couple a weeks ago. But I am so happy to have it for next time! I cannot wait to see the nails you chose for your at home manicure!

  11. Guuurl I just did this and I wish I had your steps cuz I got frustrated and started peeling em off. I had gel polish on.

  12. Does this work with shellac? Nearing the end of my last manicure

  13. Does this work for shellac? Nearing the end of my last manicure

  14. I’m about to try this too. Ordered some supplies. My dip manicure is 4 weeks old!

  15. Dreading this! Hoping mine last another week, if not def will need this – thanks!

  16. I tried to soak my gels off at home once, and I was not this well prepared!! Knowing this is super helpful – I seriously am missing having nice nails right now. My poor cuticles, lol.

    • Just did this last week!! Even got an at home dip kit to keep my nails strong until I can eventually go back and get them done because I can’t hang with the fake nails.

  17. God bless! I stress bought a bottle of acetone as soon as this got real, and know this day is coming… now I’m prepared.

    Where do I go get dip put back on in SF once we survive this?!

  18. Tried this for my shellac and it worked! Quarantine life is making us all v resourceful

  19. This is so viciously needed right now ? the state of my nails is tragic… my hair is hopeless… but my dogs are stoked i’m home 24/7.

  20. My hands have also been so dry since being at home more…definitely need to snag that salve!

  21. Wow, that looks like I could probably get my dip off. My nails look like claws! Thank you

  22. Thank you so much for keeping this space light and fun! Appreciate all you do! Just wish I had this post last week before I stress picked my gel off. ?

  23. I was stuck during a trip once and had to figure out how to get my nails off. This would’ve been soo helpful to have had! Def. bookmarking this one.

  24. I just peeled mine off ?, but this is so good to know for the future! Thank you for sharing!

  25. I’m so glad I hadn’t got my nails done for a while before this hit! Lol. That Farmacy salve is definitely on my wish list though! My hands are so dry from the weather and all the extra washing and sanitizing everything ?

  26. Gah! I took mine off a couple days ago, not by this method but instead by the good old peel and file method ??‍♀️
    I should have waited!

  27. I’ve been doing glue on nails for a month and I’m loving it! So much more gentle on my skin and way less time. Eager to hear your review!

  28. Thank you for risking your nails and sharing this tutorial!!! I love that lotion you recommended!! It’s been a game changer since this craziness started!

  29. Sent to my sis! Her dip was looking cray. We’ve both got the impress nails, I bought grey with the marble for a “party nail”. Not bad!

  30. Thank you for posting this! I am thankful I didn’t get my nails done before this happened like I’d planned, but I’m keeping this for future reference!

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