Béis Hanging Duffle Review

Béis Hanging Duffle Review

the hanging duffle $148 – the canvas tote $88

Béis Hanging Duffle Review

TL;DR – don’t fall for the Instagram ads -> the Béis Hanging Duffle is an absolutely not!


– Front zipper pocket with signature key leash
– Side zipper pocket
– Side mesh pocket
– Adjustable shoulder strap
– Dual top handle with handle wrap
– Key fob

– 1 Hanging organizer
– Dual compression strap
– 1 Zipper mesh pocket
– 1 Zipper clear pocket

– Travel
– Day & Weekend Trips
– Easy Overnights

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on sale

Apparently, this hanging duffle went viral on TikTok with nearly 50,000 likes over the summer. I saw the same video on Instagram (because I’m a geriatric millennial) and thought that it was going to be a serious travel game-changer. I fired up the googler and ordered it from Nordstrom via their buy and pickup service. Love this service, hate this bag!

As you can see, when the bag is in its smallest form, it looks just like a standard duffle bag that you can carry in your hand or on your shoulder. Unfold that bad boy, and, voila, you’ve got a whole hanging wardrobe. There are two hooks so you can hang the bag in a closet — plus special pockets and compartments for shoes, clothing, and even beauty products.

This is all sounds great…until you actually try and use the bag! I’ve used this duffle on two trips now and on both trips, I was not able to properly close the bag. I am not going to sugarcoat this Béis hanging duffle review, even though I am a big fan of Shay Mitchell and her other Béis products this duffel bag just isn’t functional.

My issues with the bag:

  • It is impossible to pack the bag unless it is hanging up and it is still challenging to pack hanging up! If you look at photos on their social media and product pages everything in the folded clothing area is a mess and nothing is properly folded! The bag only really works when it is hanging up too! What if you get to your destination and there is nowhere to hang the bag? If that were to happen you would 100% be SOL!
  • The mesh and clear pockets for accessories and beauty items were a fantastic idea, but if you actually fill them up with accessories and beauty items the bag doesn’t close! If you look at the images you can see that I only had a handful of beauty items in the clear pocket and I could not shut the bag!

The hanging duffle was a great idea, but I think that it is just not a practicable bag. It’s impossible to utilize all of the details and benefits of the bag while properly closing the bag. I walked out of my hotel room in Napa with the bag half open and my beauty products busting out of the sides!

I guess we can’t believe everything that we see on TikTok!

Katwalksf putting her macbook pro into the Béis Hanging Duffle at the Kimpton San Francisco

Béis Hanging Duffle Review


photos were taken at the Kimpton Alton Hotel – an excellent hotel option when you visit San Francisco

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